Corellian Corruption
GM KTE "Master GM"
Era Old Republic (~1,000 BBY)
Start Date  ?
End Date March 27, 2015

Fynn Pre-Session Edit

Fynn Morano: The strike hits Fynn almost knocking him down but he regains his footing.

Fynn Morano: Fynn goes for a strike again, trying to make sure his blow lands.

Attacking with Lightsaber • Energy • Attack Notes: Rapid Strike, Weapon Focus (Lightsabers), Double Attack

Attack 18

Damage 10

Fynn Morano: Attacking with Lightsaber • Energy • Attack Notes: Rapid Strike, Weapon Focus (Lightsabers), Double Attack

Attack 19

Damage 20

oh sorry that was aaured strike

Master_GM (GM): He cuts one down and takes him out.The other look at each other. They find that flight is is the best option allowing you an attack of opportunity. You may attack one of them.

Seeing his opportunity Fynn swings again attempting to take out another one before they run.

Attacking with Lightsaber • Energy • Attack Notes: Rapid Strike, Weapon Focus (Lightsabers), Double Attack

Attack 19

Fynn Morano: Damage 22

*rapid strike

Master_GM (GM): Another one is taken down as the other two attempt to flee.

Fynn Morano: Fynn then begins to chase after them to catch up. They can't escape knowing who or where he is if they are tied to the Sith.

Master_GM (GM): Make an endurance check.

Fynn Morano: Endurance 15

Master_GM (GM): They got a good head start and are trying to lose you on the trail what are you going to do?

Fynn Morano: So are they running to a forest or already in a forest?

Master_GM (GM): They are in the forest.

You are currently lagging behind them.

Fynn Morano: Fynn decides to follow behind them to see where they lead using his knowledge of the forest that he gained while training with Meloria to stay undetected.

Master_GM (GM): Roll Knowledge (Biology, Galactic Lore, or Tactics) If you have it. If you do not then roll a knowledge check.

Intelligent check.

Fynn Morano: (I just have +5s in all those. Would an int check be better or worse you think?

Master_GM (GM): Better

Fynn Morano: Intelligence 19

Master_GM (GM): You get ahead of them using the knowledge of the forest to your advantage and you find that they are heading for a ship by the shore.

Fynn Morano: Seeing their destination, Fynn decides to come between them and their ship in order to stop them.

Master_GM (GM): One of them runs right into you as they have split up. Knocked to the ground. "What do you want from me!?"

Fynn Morano: Fynn points his lightsaber at him as his opponent lays on the ground smiling as he says, "All I wanted was for you to answer my question! Then you all so rudely attacked me." Fynn's face then grows stern. "Again, who are you and what were you coming after Meloria for? You remember what happened to the last two that didnt answer my question."

Master_GM (GM): Roll persuasion.

Fynn Morano: Persuasion 26

Master_GM (GM): "We were went by our master Darth Glace. He wished to know what power the key holds."

Fynn Morano: "Who is this Darth Glace?"

Master_GM (GM): "He is our master. I don't know much more than that. He promised us power and only wanted to see if the rumors were true of Meloria."

Fynn Morano: "Rumors? What rumors?"

Master_GM (GM): "Of his enemy a Jedi Master having an apprentice hidden away on Drall."

Fynn Morano: "What does it matter if an apprentice of his was here?"

Master_GM (GM): "He is trying to discover the secret of the key."

Fynn Morano: "Do you know anything of this "key"?"

Master_GM (GM): "I know nothing. I was sent to find out if it is real."

Fynn Morano: "What of your companion? Where is he, and would he know more than you?"

Master_GM (GM): "Hopefully by this point he has gotten away on the transport as I waited here to stall you." As he says this you hear a starship lift from the ground and head towards the sky.

Fynn Morano: "Damn you. Where is he going?"

Master_GM (GM): "To warn." He says as he bites down on a something.

He begins to choke.

Fynn Morano: "No, stop!" Fynn shouts as he tries to keep him from doing what he already did. By the time Fynn gets down to him he's already dead.

Fynn then searches his body to find any sort of clues on him.

Master_GM (GM): Looking through his possession you only come across an encrypted datapad.

Fynn Morano: Fynn looks the datapad over. Eventually deciding that he'll need to find someone to unencrypt it. He goes back to where he killed the first two men to see if they contained anything different on them.

Master_GM (GM): You obtain nothing different from them.

Fynn Morano: Fynn decides to drag their bodies away as to avoid attention to the cave where Meloria currently resides.

Morse Pre-Session Edit

Master_GM (GM): The escape pod jettisons from the rest of the group as the ship continues to fall to towards the boiling sea. Morse is strapped into the ship as it begins to rock and shake. Not wanting to leave the other behind it is necessary to try and save everyone. The escape pod hits into several trees and knocks them over. Slamming into the ground the escape pod comes to a halting stop. AJAX light on its face turns strangely red. Suddenly a hologram begins to project. It is your once friend now turned enemy, "So, Morse, I see you have escaped and the others are left to their demise. No matter, your death will come soon enough. AJAX destroy him!"

Roll init.

Rolling for Turn Order 22

Schwall: Initiative 24

Master_GM (GM): You are currently strapped into the small escape pod. There is only about a 2x7 room in the form of squares. There is a hatch to release to allow you out into the outside world.

There are three seats on each side each with its own seat belt.

Storage room for a equipment and cargo is over your head.

Morse: "You're not the first to think their pet droid could best me." Morse unbuckles himself and makes for the hatch, knowing he needs open space for better odds of the droid not grabbing and crushing him.

Could I get up and move to the hatch and still make an attack?

Master_GM (GM): Unbuckle and move would be two actions and the hatch is a swift, using all actions you can use.

Morse: All right then. Have to get to open air first.

Master_GM (GM): The droid releases itself from the buckles and using a swift action it pulls out its weapon and opens fire on you.

Attacking with Heavy Blaster Rifle • Energy • Attack Notes Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot

Attack 21

Damage 22

Morse: Miss.

Master_GM (GM): Your turn

Morse: Morse takes a shot, then turns and runs out of the pod around the corner cutting as much line of sight as possible, ensuring the droid has to give pursuit for the moment. "I really should have discussed his battle capabilities with (can't remember Alicia's character name)." He thinks to himself.

Attacking with Heavy Blaster Pistol • Energy • Attack Notes: Point Blank Shot, Careful Shot

Attack 23

Damage 24

Master_GM (GM): Katriana.

Do you have quick draw?

Morse: I don't.

Master_GM (GM): Pulling your gun is a move action then.

You can pull and shoot or pull and move around the corner.

Morse: Whatever then, he pulls and runs, firing some shots for the sake of story telling.

You mentioned trees? He'd be heading for the nearest ones he spotted.

Master_GM (GM): Stepping forward it is tactical mind vs. tactical mind. Reasoning that you moved out into the tree to better protect yourself it decide that it will trying a sneak at and moves into stealth mode.

Your move.

Morse: Did he already get to the trees, or does he have further to go still?

Master_GM (GM): He still has further to go, what is your perception?

Morse: Looks like 13

Master_GM (GM): While the droid is tactically minded its size gives it away and you see it running for cover and to try and sneak up on you.

Morse: Morse closes the distance to the trees, and catches his breath, deciding to let the droid think its trick is working. (Can I ready an attack action.)

Master_GM (GM): Yes, what are the circumstances in which it triggers?

Morse: If AJAX fires on him.

Master_GM (GM): Want to make a DEception check to see if you can gain a bonus to your attack?

Morse: Sure.

Deception 13

Master_GM (GM): Perception 23

Morse: Yeah, That deception roll is broken

Master_GM (GM): What should it be?

It should be 12+1d20

Morse: Correct.

Master_GM (GM): Rolle it again.

But don't use the roller.

Morse: Deception 26

Sorry. Didn't see that until after I rolled it.

Master_GM (GM): I think it is still broken.

Master_GM (GM): Thinking it has the upper hand it goes to take a shot at you thinking don't know where it is. Seeing it about to open fire you take a shot back at it with a +2 attk.

Morse: Attacking with Heavy Blaster Pistol • Energy • Attack Notes: Point Blank Shot, Careful Shot

Attack 15

Damage 13

(Pathetic roll)

Master_GM (GM): The misses it course and the droid returns fire.

You have a +2 defense for the tree.

Attacking with Heavy Blaster Rifle • Energy • Attack Notes Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot

Attack 29

Master_GM (GM): Damage 19

Morse: Wow. That would hit if not for the tree.

Master_GM (GM): The shots hit right into the tree barely missing you. The droid decides to close the gap between the two of the them and moves straight towards Morse and is now in close combat range.

Your turn.

Morse: Is he close enough for attacks of opportunity?

If I move, that is?

Master_GM (GM): He is in close, but he has a rifle so the rifle can be used for AoO, but otherwise yes.

He could physically attack you though.

Morse: Morse takes a shot at the droid, head spinning and ears ringing from that near miss.

Attacking with Heavy Blaster Pistol • Energy • Attack Notes: Point Blank Shot, Careful Shot

Attack 22

Damage 31

Morse: I'm going to force point that.

Master_GM (GM): ok

Morse: I can't miss on almost perfect damage.

Master_GM (GM): Through a sheer stroke of luck the shot hits dead in the face. Sparks shoot off of the droid and you may have hit a vital spot.

The gear rotor and it turns it blaster fire on you at full power.

Attacking with Heavy Blaster Rifle • Energy • Attack Notes Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot

Attack 32

Master_GM (GM): Damage 22

Critical hit

44 damage.

Morse: Damn.

Morse gets knocked back against the tree, adding some additional injury to the shot he just took.

It is otherwise my turn though, correct?

Master_GM (GM): Yes

Morse: Staggering, Morse composes himself, and takes aim at the droid, knowing this needs to be done soon.

Attacking with Heavy Blaster (Aimed) • Energy • Attack Notes:

Attack 25

Damage 29

Morse: 25 should hit.

And I clicked the -1 condition.

Master_GM (GM): Aimed for the head the blaster shot slams into the head and the head flings off and spins in the air several times. The droid drops to the ground.

Morse: "Heh. I need to start collecting those."

"If you can hear me, Tsuvo, I sincerely hope you've got better for me."

Master_GM (GM): The hologram whirrs to life. "One last gift." The Drall says. Then there is a Holographic "3...2...1..."

It explodes.

Morse: Yay evasion!

Master_GM (GM): Yep.

Morse: Morse leaps behind a fallen tree in time to avoid the flying shrapnel.

He stands back up, and quickly heads back to the pod to scavenge anything useful.

(Where are they? Would he be far from civilization?)

Would he know?

Master_GM (GM): Inside of the pod is plenty of rations and items to help you survive. Do you have survival Trained?>

Morse: I don't.

What planet are they on? Is it populated?

Master_GM (GM): Drall. It is populated, but sparcely.

You can make it untrained.

You can find north.

And make some ideas on what you need to do.

Morse: How close is it to night time?

Master_GM (GM): It is about midday.

Morse: "If he's smart, he'll have a cleaning crew en route here already." He reasons, grabbing the supplies and throwing them into a bag. He then runs off as fast as he can putting as much distance he can from the crash site.

Keeping an eye out for any good killzones in case pursuit does come.

Master_GM (GM): Wanna make a Survival check to give yourself some general direction.

Morse: Survival 17

Master_GM (GM): You are able to tell from some of the moss on the trees the direction of north. As you continue on your way...

You notice smoke in the distance, a small civilization.

Morse: He smiles. "If anyone is after me, coming from the air they'd be sure to spot that too." Once he reaches the area of the civilization, he climbs a tree that allows him good visibility of the city. "Anyone comes poking around, I'll see them."

Master_GM (GM): How long do you plan to stay there?

Morse: The night, if need be.

As long as it takes to be sure no one is after him.

He'd go into the city right away if it wasn't for the fact he'd stick out like a sore thumb.

Master_GM (GM): The small villagers continue about their lives and you watch them from a distance. Children Drall playing, the men cooking a roast over an open fire. Out comes the matriarch step out and all cheer as a feast begin.

The night starts to set in around you and you are slowly dosing off to sleep. That is when you here a giant repulsor about you. A single ship begins to land near the city, make a perception roll.

Morse: Is it fair to say that he could have taken some swift actions to remove the -1 condition?

Master_GM (GM): Yes.

Morse: Perception 16

That's unfortunate.

Master_GM (GM): You notice a marking on the side of the ship. It looks like something you had seen before.

It looks like some of the ships you saw back on Sacorria.

Morse: Was that Skorri's planet?

Master_GM (GM): Yes

It was that shipyard you infiltrated.

The Corps.

Morse: "Shit." Suddenly, he's very glad he didn't enter the city in his condition.

Master_GM (GM): Do you remain in the tree?

Morse: I'd say at least for the time. Why would they be there if not searching for him?

Morse rigs up some rope so he can sort of elevator himself out of the tree quickly if need be. Readying himself to close the distance between himself and the city quickly.

Master_GM (GM): You see them infiltrate the village.

They seem to go in village hut after village hut.

They pull out some of the locals.

Morse: Watching closely, he tries to get sense of how many there are.

Master_GM (GM): Perception.

Morse: Perception 32

Master_GM (GM): You notice 5 low level soldiers and one elite soldier.

Morse: Morse pulls out his rifle, ready to fire if things turn violent down there. Drawing attention could save the innocents for now, or draw more soldiers if his presence is known. He is left to ponder the consequences of each choice.

"Just realize I'm not here and leave..." He repeats under his breath.

Master_GM (GM): Through the scope of the rifle he can see the elite trooper talking to the matriarch. He looks angry.

Morse: "He'll need to drop first if needed. Then I can lead the others off into the woods, away from the city."

Master_GM (GM): He pulls out a blaster and points it at the matriarch.

Morse: "They'll leave one, maybe two with the ship to make sure I don't circle around on them. That leaves 3 to chase me."

Morse realizes what is surely about to happen, and against his better judgement, takes a shot on the soldier, knowing he can get at least 2 shots off before they locate him and he'll need to lead them on his chase.

"Leaves'll conceal the flare for at least 2 or 3 shots."

Master_GM (GM): He turns and points the gun at another local and finger is on the trigger.

Morse: There wouldn't be any attack bonus for the rifle, and damage would be 1/2 level?

Master_GM (GM): All correct

Morse: Attacking with Blaster Rifle • Energy • Attack Notes:

Attack 21

Damage 25

Tempted to force point again.

Morse: Though he's flatfooted, so that should hit, no?

Master_GM (GM): The shot hits into the intended target and the elite soldier drops his gun.

Immediately everyone looks for the shooter giving you one more shot. Roll Stealth as well.

Morse: Stealth 27

I get one more shot now?

Master_GM (GM): Yes

Morse: Attacking with Blaster Rifle • Energy • Attack Notes:

Attack 23

Damage 33

He's not flat footed now, is he?

Master_GM (GM): No, but it hits.

The man staggers and moves to cover and order his men to do the same.

They have spotted your location.

Morse: What is that that gets a +22??

Master_GM (GM): All of them combining their perception together.

Morse: Ah, yeah, I really hoped 50+ damage would be enough to put him down.

Master_GM (GM): He is critically wounded.

What is your next move.

Morse: He wouldn't know that they spotted him, would he?

Master_GM (GM): They all moved to cover.

They would be moving in your direction trying under you detection. I think he would figure something like that is coming.

Morse: "I was hoping for 3. He isn't going to be moving very fast though, that's good." He kicks his foot into his elevator-like contraption and once on the ground, moves back far enough that he can still get a shot or two off to ensure they give chase.

*as far as he can, still being able to get a shot or two off.

If there are any, he would have positioned himself near a hill, to maintain height and sightlines.

Master_GM (GM): We are going to have to end here for now.

Sarah is wanting my attention.

Morse: I see.

Available tomorrow?

With both of us sick, I don't foresee us going much of anywhere this weekend.

Master_GM (GM): Maybe in the morning or later at night.

Morse: Well, Let me know.

Master_GM (GM): Morning for sure. Later at night I will let you know.

Morse: Like when in the morning?

Master_GM (GM): What would be good for you?

I can do 10 or 11.

Morse: 10 should be fine.

Unless you prefer 11.

Master_GM (GM): All right Let's go for the middle. 10:30

Morse: Like I said, this weekend probably holds little more than Netflix marathons.

Master_GM (GM): All right. 10 to 10:30 tomorrow it is.

See you then.

Morse: Yep Yep.

Let's do this!

Master_GM (GM): Finding yourself a hill you see three of the soldier coming after you. They don't quite see you yet, what is your move?

Morse: Morse leans against a tree and takes a quick shot at one of the soldiers before retreating further up the slope to the next available tree cluster.

Attacking with Blaster Rifle • Energy • Attack Notes:

Attack 28

Damage 23

Master_GM (GM): You hit him and he goes down. Now having a better sense of your direction, they spot you and are heading straight for you. The trees are providing minor cover for you as you weave in and out of them. A barrage of blaster fire comes from behind.

Your turn.

Morse: He takes aim at the soldier furthest from him and takes another shot.

Attacking with Blaster Rifle • Energy • Attack Notes:

Attack 29

Damage 33

Morse: (Nat 20!)

Master_GM (GM): Another one is nailed in the face.

The last one finds cover. He holds his position. You hear repulsors over head. A spot light moves searching for you until you are caught in its line of sight.

Morse: (Would it be apparent what class of vehicle this is? Would it have shields?)

(Would it be possible to at least shoot out the light?)

Master_GM (GM): Make a Knowledge (Tech) Check.

Morse: Knowledge (Technology) 25

Master_GM (GM): You are familiar with this model it is a Citadel-class ship. It does have shields and from your position the shields are not on. You can try to shoot out the light, but you have one shot, make it count. After that they will probably throw the shields up.

Morse: Morse realizes the darkness is his friend at the moment, "I need you on the ground." He raises the rifle to the air and tries to hit the search light.

Attacking with Blaster Rifle • Energy • Attack Notes:

Attack 12

Damage 18

Morse: Figures.

I should probably force point that. Unless there's no chance?

Master_GM (GM): No chance with FP.

Morse: Oh crap! I should have turned on auto.

I forgot about that!

Master_GM (GM): But each game you have one Destiny Point that allows you to reroll, but instead using 2d10s

Morse: I'll try for it.

So 2d10 instead of a 20?

Master_GM (GM): yeah

Do I reroll damage as well?

Master_GM (GM): Go ahead

Master_GM (GM): You do minimal damage just enough to short out the light. You know that it will be temporary and that they will get it back on again in a few moments. The ship makes a wild shot with its auto fire cannons at the ground.

(Evasion has really come in handy here.)

Morse: (Yes!)

Master_GM (GM): You would be taking 5d10x2

Your move.

Morse: Morse moves, looking to get a line on the remaining foot soldier. Seeing him, he takes a shot.

Attacking with Blaster Rifle • Energy • Attack Notes:

Attack 20

Damage 34

Morse: Let's see. To fp or not?

He's got cover, right?

Master_GM (GM): There is no longer any ground support. Up above they begin working on repairing the light.

Morse: He's down?

Or did they pick him up?

Master_GM (GM): Yeah low-levels.

The light goes back on and it begins to search for you once more.

They can't pick you out at the moment your move.

Morse: (How low are they, compare to the height of the trees?)


Master_GM (GM): They are a little above the trees.

Morse: (Shields only block energy weapons, right?)

Master_GM (GM): No, they would protect against concussive and other types of damage too.

Morse: Morse does his best to stay concealed, moving slowly through the woods towards one of the fallen soldiers. (Stealth attempt.)

Master_GM (GM): Make a roll.

Morse: Stealth 24

Master_GM (GM): They still can't find you as you arrive near the body of one of their fallen comrades.

Morse: Does he have grenades?

Master_GM (GM): Blaster rifle, a frag grenade, a field kit, a comlink.

Morse: (Ok, Jake. Here's what I want to try: grab a grenade, climb a tree, try to grab onto the ship as the pass overhead, and possible deathstar the thing by getting a grenade inside some exhaust port or something. Maybe not full deathstar, but at least forcing it to land.)

(Can that happen?)

Master_GM (GM): The trees would not be stable enough to hold you weight, plus with it looking for you and not being able to find you will begin to move away to continue its search assuming you left the area for better cover.

Morse: All right. Would have been cool though.

Master_GM (GM): Agreed.

Morse: Morse watches the search light, trying to determine the direction they're heading, so he can go in the opposite.

He also grabs the com link and puts it to his ear, hoping to listen in.

Master_GM (GM): "Area clear heading onto the next sector." "I want that son of bitch found." "Right away sir, vector coordinates 7-Alpha-8-8-3."

The ship slowly moves away the spot light moving back and forth through the trees as you head in the opposite direction.

Do you plan to travel the whole night or find some time to get some rest?

Morse: I was figuring getting to the village as long as the enemy has moved away from it.

They might have a doctor.

Master_GM (GM): You arrive near the village and two drall are outside the village each armed with a blaster pistol.

Morse: Morse hollars to get their attention, he has his rifle slung over his back and pistol holstered, newly claimed grenade on his belt. He raises his hands to the air and shouts, "I come in peace!"

Master_GM (GM): Pointing their pistols in your direction one returns. "Show yourself!"

Morse: "I'm going to keep walking slowly toward you, don't panic."

Master_GM (GM): As you come out they continue to point their weapons at you. "Who are you?" One of them says. "Are you with the mercenaries?"

Morse: "I'm not. I'm the one they're after and the one who all but took out their captain."

"I mean no harm to you. I would just like some medical treatment, and I will be on my way."

Master_GM (GM): "You are the one that brought them here!" One of the shouts. "Turn away, you are not welcome here."

Morse: "And I could have watched as they slaughtered your village and went on their way. Instead I acted against self preservation instincts. I just need a doctor and I'll be on my way."

Master_GM (GM): Roll persuasion.

Morse: Persuasion 20

Master_GM (GM): The other one lowers his gun and he reaches out to his friend and pushes it down. "Surely they will come back looking for you." He reasons.

"Let me wake the Duchess, she will decide your fate."

Morse: "You're right. They'll be back. That's why I want to stay outside the city while the doctor looks at me. You can tell them that I approached, but sent me packing."

Master_GM (GM): "The Duchess is in charge." The other says as one goes to leave to retrieve her.

Morse: "If they have a tracker, they'll find a trail that supports your claim."

Master_GM (GM): After a few moments an older female Drall approaches. "This is the outsider."

The others nod.

"They have told me that you come to seek medical attention." She addresses you.

Morse: "That's correct. I just want treatment and will be on my way."

Master_GM (GM): "And you were the one that took the shot to protect Dalry?"

Morse: "I did."

Master_GM (GM): "It is not safe here. We must get you out quickly. Call the Shaman!" She says as she claps her hands twice.

In a few moments more a male steps out dressed in strange garbs. Talking in Drallish with the Duchess he turns to you and begins to chant. He gives you a strange bottle and motions for you to drink it. He begins to dance around you.

Morse: Morse isn't sure what to make of the drink or dance, but it has to be good for something or they wouldn't do it, right? He takes a drink.

Master_GM (GM): The stuff takes like old dried berries. Not the best tasting stuff in the world. He continues to chant and dance and then he finally stops.

You heal 36 HP

Morse: He's quite shocked how much better the burn on his chest feels.

Master_GM (GM): "Now hurry, before they return. We will cover your tracks." The Duchess tells you once the Shaman is finished.

Morse: "Thank you! By the way, there are 3 corpses out there, each with weapons. Send someone to retrieve them. Keep someone on watch and armed at all times. If they come back, have people armed blend into the crowd, you can ambush them if they attack."

Master_GM (GM): "Thank you for your advice stranger."

Morse: "I'm very sorry to have brought trouble to your village." He says as he turns to leave.

Master_GM (GM): As you are leaving one of the Drall runs after. "Wait, wait!"

Morse: He turns.

Master_GM (GM): The Drall humbly bows. "I am Dalry. You have saved my life. I wish to accompany you to help you get to safety, wherever that may be."

Morse: "Normally, I would say that's not necessary, but I have no idea where I am. I need to get to any city with a space port. You get me there, and I will consider any debt you owe more than paid."

Dalry: "Certainly, my liege. The next closest village has ibbots that we might obtain to make our travel faster. Come follow me."

Morse: He nods and follows the Drall. "Do you know how to use a blaster?"

Dalry: "My village is but a simple one and only the guards are trained with such weapons. So I must apologize for my ignorance."

Morse: "Well we'll have to give you a crash course if the need arises. I'm Morse, by the way."

Dalry: He stops and humbly bows once more, "Thank-you, my liege for allowing me the honor to know your name."

Morse: He almost chuckles until he realizes how serious the little drall is.

Dalry: During the travel the Drall says very little.

Morse: Morse keeps the silence as well, slowly, as the adrenaline starts to fade, he realizes that he lost his only friends in the world.

Dalry: Day begins to break and the Drall say that their trip will take a little bit longer since they will need to travel in the forest as opposed to going out through the fields. The sun Corell is particularly hot on Drall due to its proximity.

He dons a pair of Dim Goggles for his own more sensitive eyes. He decides to tell you a little more of the history of the people of Drall as you travel.

He tells you once how they use to live underground and that they would rarely come to the surface, but over time as other species has come and migrated to Drall they began to build cities in domes to protect against the harsh light. Villages also decided to come to the surface of Drall, but will sit under canopies of forests, like his own.

He tells you that underneath Drall is a network of abandoned caverns that his people have built and have not used in centuries.

Morse: Morse listens to the Drall speak, but is also consumed with thoughts of his next moves. Being on his own changes how he will need to approach things.

He'll make sure the Drall knows he's listen and will ask questions and such to be polite.

Dalry: Make an endurance check.

Morse: Endurance 19

Master_GM (GM): You have fought off sleep for now.

Roll a second Endurance.

Morse: Endurance 20

Master_GM (GM): You continue to march on.

Katriana and Jonah Pre-Session Edit

Master_GM (GM): The ship continues to descend into the sea below and Fynn stands at the edge looking at his friends as the three of them sit on the ibbot. He knows if he were to join them that the creature would never make it to land and they would all plummet into the sea. Making the hard call he says, "I...I want to, but I can't. I can't see you die because of me! I- I love you too much for that. Now just get out of here! Go!" Fyyn hits the hole with his lightsaber creating sparks to spook the ibbot away.

Alicia G: that's right. we have whats her name with us right?

Jonah: Cori, yeah.

Grendy: Oopsie. IC/OOC.

Master_GM (GM): With one last lookWith one last look Fynn walks away from the hole.

With one last look Fynn walks away from the hole.

Cori: "Fynn, NO!" She yells as the ship hits the water and begins to slowly sink.

Katriana watches in abjact horror as she watches the ship descend ever further toward the water and them fly further away. Unable to watch she buries her face in the back of Jonah's shirt.

Jonah grimaces. He didn't know Fynn, and didn't get to spend much time on the ship, but he isn't especially happy about this turn of events. And as much as he'd like to comfort Katriana right now, he has to stay focused on the task at hand - they're not out of the woods yet.

Jonah feels his ibbot trying to keep going, sensing her strain under the weight of three riders.

Jonah: "Come on, girl, just a little farther," he whispers to the bird.

Master_GM (GM): Not too far ahead sit a plateau, a perfect landing spot for the group to regain some bearings.

Jonah steers his ibbot to dive for that, and the animal seems all too happy to see a landing spot.

Jonah: "Everybody hold on! I can't promise this'll be the most graceful landing!"

Katriana responds by tightening her grip on Jonah's waist, looking back for a moment at Cori. "Hold on tight!"

Cori holds on tightly to Katriana as she feels the downward glide of the creature, feeling a twinge of fear as she realizes that they may just die here. On this planet.

Jonah feels them coming in fast, and tries his best to pull up on the reins and get his ibbot to slow. The bird just barely slows down, though, and practically collapses from exhaustion upon hitting the ground.

Katriana feels the jolt of the ibbot's rough landing through her bones and is glad when the ibbot doesn't collapse on top of them. Eager to be off she helps Cori to get down so she can follow behind her, shakily finding her feet and leaning against the body of the poor ibbot.

Cori: Once she feels the ground beneath her, she slides off of the beast and onto the ground walking away, holding back the tears for another lost comrade. This one feels different though. Where Skorri left the group, Fynn lost his life.

Jonah: Having just barely managed to cling to the beast's back, he checks himself, then checks the two behind him, making sure to try and help them to the ground if they need it. Then, finally, he gently pets his ibbot. "Good girl, Noru."

He looks grimly at Katriana, then at Cori. "I'm sorry about your ship... and your friend."

Cori: Turns to the other as if they have answer, "What the hell just happened!? Why did Tsuvo even do that?"

Katriana nods the full scope of what happened having not entirely sunk in yet.

Jonah: "My guess? Probably on somebody's payroll. Probably was for a long time."

Katriana: "I know he's going to have a lot to answer for when we catch up to him."

Jonah: "That'll have to wait. Right now, we need to regroup, take stock of what we still have."

"Where's your other friend?"

Katriana looks up at Jonah, remembering, "Did you see where the escape pod landed?"

Cori looks flustered as she tries to take everything in that has happened so far.

Jonah: He shakes his head. "Was a little too focused on flying. If we can meet up with him, we'll be in better shape."

Jonah looks around, trying to take in the surroundings, seeing what they have to work with.

Katriana: "AJAX has a commlink built it. If they didn't land too far away he should be able to give us their position."

Katriana pulls out her commlink and opens the channel.

Cori begins to talk to herself. "Tsuvo didn't betray us. No, he must have been mind controlled. He couldn't have turned on us."

Master_GM (GM): All you get is static on the channel.

Jonah: "Get anything?"

Master_GM (GM): Surrounding the plateau is all forest. The air is much cooler up here and by night fall will only get colder.

Katriana: "Nothing from AJAX... Too far away maybe" she says adding the last to deny her concern as it could also mean he was damaged.

Jonah: "Then we'll need to focus on ourselves, for now. Come on, we're gonna find shelter, build a fire, do a little hunting."

Cori: "We are going to die out here, aren't we?" She asks solemnly.

Jonah: "Relax, kid. I've been hunting out in places like these since I was old enough to walk."

Jonah smiles reassuringly and gently puts a hand on Cori's shoulder

Jonah: "And believe it or not, I've been in tighter spots."

Cori looks up into his and sees his reassurance.

Katriana nods, glad for the distraction. she turns to Cori shocked for a moment. She approaches her and takes her hand giving it a reassuring squeeze. I know Jonah from many years ago. He's indeed a survivor. Everything will be fine, just need to relax." Giving her a smile she doesn't entirely feel she edges her last words with a bit of the Force.

Cori begins to calm down, albeit with a little help from the force.

Katriana looks around at the surrounding woods. "I'm afraid gathering fire wood may be the only thing useful I can contribute."

Katriana: "Maybe..." she grows quite as she continues looking around hoping a direction might "inspire" her.

Use the Force 36

Alicia G: Search Feelings I guess to get an idea of a direction which would be promising

can roll multiples if you want it

Master_GM (GM): Reaching out her feelings she can feel Morse. She can feel his pain. He must be hurt. She feels the him on the forest floor maybe 6 miles away.

Jonah: ((sorry, had to go afk for a minute))

Katriana pauses in her search growing pale. "Morse... he's that way," she says pointing.

Jonah: "How do you know?"

Jonah looks around for tracks or anything

Katriana looks at him pointedly. "Just trust me. He's hurt we should try and reach him."

Jonah: "Alright, alright. Do you know how far?"

Katriana gives a slight shrug as she contemplates. "Several miles."

Jonah: "In that case, let's see if we can get Noru fed and hydrated, at least. We'll lose some time letting her rest, but we'd lose a lot more trying to get there on foot."

Cori: "What can I do to help?"

Katriana: "We're rather short of supplies, Jonah... Unless you know of a stream nearby."

Jonah looks into the forest, and frowns. "A clean source of water should be enough. I can do the hunting, easily."

Jonah: "Me? I've made more than my share of visits to Drall, but this place is a little out of the way."

Cori: Using his keen eyes Jonah is able to pick a suitable stream that is not too far ahead and in the direction they are wanting to go no less.

Master_GM (GM): Using his keen eyes Jonah is able to pick a suitable stream that is not too far ahead and in the direction they are wanting to go no less.

Jonah: ((Didn't even make me roll Survival. Come on.))

((I'm going to do it anyway just to see what I'd get))

Master_GM (GM): Feel better?

Jonah: Yes.

Master_GM (GM): Ok

Using his keen eyes Jonah is able to pick a suitable stream that is not too far ahead and in the direction they are wanting to go no less.

Jonah: "Actually, I think that may be our stream over there. Maybe your good luck's starting to rub off."

Jonah goes to get Noru, and lead her to the water

Katriana helps Jonah to get the ibbot moving after he points out the stream. "I told you I have enough for us both," she smiles, bringing back the old joke between them.

Jonah grins at that, then looks a little dour as another thought crosses his mind. "Then again, I can't help but feel like my curse brought down your ship. Are you okay, Katriana?"

Katriana: "I'll survive... I'd rather not think about it right now." She looks back at Cori who isn't as good as concealing her emotions, or perhaps compartmentalizing them. "I'm more concerned for her," she says under her breath to him.

Cori has just started to feel distance as she is working over her feelings of the overall events.

Jonah: "I am too, but bottling up your own emotions isn't going to make them go away." He sighs. "We'll talk about it later, I guess."

Katriana: "I know that... but I'd rather survive now and deal with them later."

Cori: After a few minutes walks over to the group, "What do we have in the form of rations?"

Katriana: "Besides... an empath with rampaging emotions is NOT a good mix," she adds just before Cori rejoins them

Katriana checks her utlity belt. "Looks like I have enough for all of us minus Noru for a day or two if we ration it."

Jonah: "And on the topic of feeding my animal, I think I'll do a little hunting. I'll keep a comlink with me, let me know if anything goes wrong."

Katriana pats Noru's side as she drinks from the stream and watches as Jonah leaves them to go hunting. "Did you want some now, Cori?" she asks turning her attention back to the other woman.

Cori watches as Jonah wanders off. "Can we trust this guy?" She asks unusually suspicious.

Katriana blinks at Cori and then resigns herself to the discussion. "I knew Jonah a long time ago. We were engaged even. I trust him with my life... Do you trust me, Cori?"

Cori slowly begins to realize the direction her line of thought leads. Who can she trust? Well, she can trust Morse, he was there since the beginning and seems to have no ulterior motives. And he trust Katriana, but she is also known to others as Arianna or something like that. So she hasn't been truthful, really unsure of herself she answers, "Y-yeah... I trust you."

Katriana smiles reassuringly at Cori, "I would understand if you didn't right now, after the day we've had, but I'm glad you do. I trust you as well."

Master_GM (GM): Cori goes quiet for a while and soon Jonah makes his return to the camp about an hour and half later.

Jonah walks back with a bunch of spikefish, evidently fished from the shore. Noru sniffs the air and immediately looks excited.

Katriana had taken a seat on the beach of the stream, her cloak pulled tight around her and her kness drawn up to her chest. Her head had been resting in the notch her knees left, but it pops up as Jonah makes his appearance.

Master_GM (GM): (I imagine that Noru looks like toothless from How to Train your Dragon.)

Jonah: "Hungry, girl?" He grins as he approaches his ibbot, who practically pulls the whole lot of them out of his grasp.

Katriana watches the exchange with mild amusement.

Alicia G: ya me too

Jonah: "Hey, take it slow, there!" He pets Noru as he holds the fish up to her, then takes notice of Katriana. He carefully sets the fish down where she can eat them herself, and gives her a final couple of pats before going to sit on the ground next to his ex-fiancée.

"Sorry to keep you waiting."

Katriana shakes her head dismissing his apology. "It's alright. Noru needs to eat. Do you think she'll be able to carry us to Morse?"

Jonah nods. "Yeah, she can get us there. She won't be flying under stress like she was when we left the ship, and we can let her stop to rest a few times if we need to. But it's not Noru I'm worried about."

Katriana raises a delicate eyebrow at Jonah, her amusement clear. She looks over at Cori as a case in point. "We all deal with loss differently."

Jonah: He frowns with concern. "And how are you dealing with it?"

Katriana: "Jonah, dear, consider it a good thing I'm not raving about like a lunatic. Things could be a lot worse than they are."

Jonah: "Noted, but forgive me for worrying about you a little. It was obvious what your ship meant to you, and then... then there's Fynn." He's hesitant to bring up what Fynn said before the ship sank, but he's definitely thinking about it.

Katriana: "Yes... Fynn," she sighs and rests her forehead back in the notch of her knees. "The altruistic bastard."

Katriana reaches out in the Force to see if she can get a hint if maybe he survived.

Katriana: Use the Force 36

Grendy: "He made his choice... for you."

Jonah: (stupid disconnect)

(taking me out of character)

"He made his choice... for you."

Master_GM (GM): She feels something faint.

Katriana head pops up. "He's still alive... if barely... for now." Her lips purse as she looks back the way they came and where they're going. "Damn altruistic bastard."

Katriana and then to where they are going

Katriana looks at Jonah. "He made his choice out of guilt... He always believed that in the end we would die because of him."

Jonah: "That's not what I remember him saying."

Katriana blinks at him, trying to recall what it was Fynn said in their last moments together.

Jonah shakes his head, kind of hoping it doesn't come up later. "Nevermind. You said you can feel him, like you could Morse?"

Katriana is perturbed she can't remember and nods slowly. "I can sense both of them."

Katriana: "I guess it comes down to who we go after... Morse is easier to get to. Fynn might still be trapped under water for all we know."

Alicia G: lose Sam again?

Jonah: ((I'm back finally. Hopefully that settles my connection issues.))

"If Morse is more likely to be survive for the time it would take to reach him, I'd rather we go for him first than take the long way around and lose both of them."

((minus that 'be'))

Katriana nods in agreement and looks at Noru. "Think she's gotten enough of her strength to continue?"

Jonah: "Besides... I'm afraid flying out to the ocean and trying to bring Fynn back would just result in exactly what he was trying to avoid. No matter how you slice it, she can't carry more than three for that long."

Jonah turns to regard his ibbot, then nods slowly. "We could set out soon, yeah. Assuming Cori's ready. She doing okay?

Jonah: "

Katriana: "She doesn't know who to really trust, and considering the betrayal we were dealt I can't blame her. I think the only reason she trusts me is because Morse does."

Jonah: "In her defence, I probably wouldn't trust me either."

Katriana laughs at that looking him up and down. "Indeed... If I didn't know you I probably wouldn't. And well.. you did try to kidnap Fynn earlier today."

Grendy: He chuckles, too. "Hey, give me some credit. At least I'm one of the hunters who prefers to take them in alive."

He chuckles, too. "Hey, give me some credit. At least I'm one of the hunters who prefers to take them in alive."

Katriana stops thinking. "I wonder if who ever hired you is affiliated with our betrayer." She can't come to say his name, but she says the word with a great deal of venom

Jonah: "Depends. How many powerful enemies have you made?"

Katriana: "Before or after Talus?"

Katriana shrugs "I think whoever hired you wanted Fynn out of the way. Or maybe wanted to distract us."

Jonah: "Both are plausible. Either way, as soon as we have everyone, we need to go after your little Drall friend. I don't like not knowing who's gunning for me, and he's the only one we know with answers."

Alicia G: "Assuming we have the right information, he's heading for the middle of the Tralusian sea..."

Jonah looks startled. "You mean... the Sea of Jarad?"

Katriana nods. "Feel like a homecoming?"

Jonah chuckles darkly. "Not especially. Would you?"

Katriana shakes her head. "Not especially. Though I wouldn't mind seeing Evelyn or Kal again."

Katriana frowns "I dread I might have to make use of my family's resources though if we're to catch up with... with Tsuvo."

Jonah: "What are the chances they wouldn't want something from you in return?"

Katriana: "It's the catch 20, isn't it? To walk into the entrapment that I barely managed to escape the first time..."

Jonah: "You're not the same person you were the first time. Neither of us are. They're bound to underestimate us."

Katriana: "Enough has changed it could go both ways. Let's just hope when we get to Talus we can avoid my family as much as possible."

Jonah: "I'm all for hoping, but preparing is better. At least we've got backup this time... if not a ship."

Katriana: "That is going to make getting to Talus a great deal more difficult... took me 3 years to save up for that ship. I hope I can claim the insurance on it."

Katriana shakes her head to clear those thoughts "First things, we have to find Morse."

Jonah: "And a different means of transportation. Noru can't carry four of us, and especially not your droid on top of that."

"With any luck, maybe a Drall community around here will give us a boat to go find Fynn."

"Or better yet, extra ibbots."

Katriana: "Speaking of... something must have happened to AJAX... His transmitter is in range to receive my channel but I've been getting nothing but static."

Jonah: "Best case scenario, there's some interference, or his comms shorted out. Worst case... he didn't survive the crash intact. Droids can be rebuilt, though, and nobody's more efficient than a Drall mechanic. We can get him fixed as soon as we find our way further inland, to one of the cities."

Katriana: "You're right. I just hope if it's the worst that the items he was protecting didn't get too badly damaged."

Jonah: "Wait, items? What items?"

Katriana: "He has a courier compartment where I've stored some papers on some of the identities I've taken. Things about Adalyn as well."

Jonah: "You'll probably need those identities if you need to hide from your family again in a hurry," he says with an understanding nod.

Katriana: "I could probably recover them from other sources, but it was nice having the papers close at hand. And AJAX was never far from my side."

Katriana reaches into her pocket. "For some reason though.. I've been keeping this with me lately." She pulls out the signet ring betraying her identity as Adalyn Pallax

Jonah: "Yeah? Because of a normal person feeling, or a Feeling with a capital 'F' for you-know-what?"

"Just sounds a little foreboding. Like you might need it."

Alicia G: damn back button

Katriana smiles at him and then shrugs. "I'm not sure I can tell the difference anymore."

Katriana looks down at in for a moment, frowning at it before holding it out for him to take. "Would you hold onto it for me?"

Jonah looks at it, surprised, and hesitates for a second before taking it. "I'll keep it safe."

Katriana: "I know you will."

Katriana stands, dusting the dirt off her filthy pants. "I'll go see if Cori is ready.. we shouldn't delay any longer."

Jonah looks like he was about to say something, but just nods in response. "Yeah. Good idea. I'll make sure Noru's ready."

Katriana stops catching his look. "What is it?"

Jonah shakes his head. "It's nothing. Just..." His gaze settles somewhere over the Boiling Sea stretching out in the distance. "I don't know about you, but it's starting to feel like we went this far over this long just to work our way back to square one. I spent the last few years trying to forget you, forget everything, and yet here I am. Going back to the Twins... it's going to be strange."

Katriana: "It was always my plan to go back... Find out what happened to you, why you didn't come to me that night. Just turns out I didn't need to go back. All I needed was time."

Jonah: "It'll be different this time, Adalyn. I'm not leaving you again."

Katriana waggles her finger at his slip. "Katriana." Smiling she steps closer and leans in to kiss him. "I believe this time.. it will be different."

Jonah smiles back. "My mistake... Katalyn," he says, moving into the kiss.

Morse Pre Session 2 Edit

Dalry begins slowing down letting you know that the two of them are coming up on the next village. He tells them that they have Ibbots there that ought to be able to take them to the space port, if that is your destination. "You would not happen to have anything to trade with them for a ride, would you?"

Morse: "Trade? I have some credits."

Dalry: "Mmm, credits are no good, how about a good story? Do you have any sort of tale of your history that might be able to win them over? All Drall's love a good story."

Morse: Morse thinks back to the stories he witnessed at the Drall mansion, full of embellishments and larger than life tellings, "Yeah, I think I have some stories I could tell."

Dalry: "Excellent! Come, come..." He says pulling your hand along. It is the early part of he morning and it seems some of the scouts have already spotted you and have come out to greet you. Dalry talks to them in Drallish tell them who you are and what you have done and that you have a great story to tell them in trade for a pair of mounts.

Morse: Morse waits for any of the villagers that are going to gather to congregates, hoping it isn't many.

Dalry discusses with the the other Drall for a few moments until the Matriarch appear and hears that they could be a good story involved. She seems a bit skeptical. Finally Dalry tells Morse that she will agree to here your story, but if she does not like it then we might be out of luck. A large crowd of Dralls gather around at the mention of a good story.

Morse: While everyone gathers and gets situated, Morse tries his best to think of what story to tell, remembering that they seem to like heroics, he settles on which story to tell. "My story starts on Corellia," he begins, "I am in the business of protection. I protect the secrets and assets of an entire company." He pauses to gauge how receptive his audience is to his intro.

Dalry: Wanna roll Persuasion.

Morse: Sure.

Persuasion 22

Master_GM (GM): They seem to really like your story and as you ramble on you come to a satisfactory conclusion and you are met with a thunderous applause by even the matriarch.

Morse: "One day, while I was in my office, one of my security officers came in and explained to me that last night someone punched in, but never punched out. Normally this wouldn't cause much concern, but she also explained that their name wasn't in any of the systems." He pauses for a drink of water, "I immediately pulled up security footage, and found the video of this person entering the building, and went forward without seeing them leave. Whoever this was was still in the building." He pauses there again, to let some tension build.

"I sent messages at once to the necessary individuals to lock down the entrances and sent pictures to all security personnel. When I alerted our tech department, they were able to find someone was accessing our database, but they couldn't tell from where. We began a floor by floor search."

"I arrived at the 30th floor, and as I was walking away from the lift, I saw the intruder... Heading toward the lift. He must have seen something on my face, because he ran down a hallway. He ran into an office, and I thought for sure that it was done. I was wrong."

"He must have planned on a contingency in case he was discovered. I had waited for some backup before I went into the office. Once we got in there, we saw that he had cut a hole in the glass, and had rigged some climbing equipment to zip down to the ground."

"Knowing that if he got away, we would never know who he was working and it would take a good deal of time to find out what he stole. Before I could really think, I took off my jacket and wrapped it around the rope and clung on tight, and I jumped out the window after him."

Master_GM (GM): Everyone gasps

Morse: "It wasn't until about half way down that I realized this was still going to hurt, but fortunately, he was just getting to the ground and unhooking himself. I was catching up to him. I wait until the last second before I squeeze as tight as I can, and begin to slow down. I hit the ground hard enough to still break some bones in my legs, but I got there fast enough he didn't have time to get far at all. After collapsing upon impact, I have enough adrenalin pumping that I maintain consciousness. I pull out my blaster while on my back, and take aim. The shot connects and he falls over stunned. I saw my security team coming to clean up the situation, and it's then that I pass out."

"I woke up several hours later. One of my security officers was there and they informed me that the man was a corporate spy, they couldn't prove who he was working for, but we all knew it was for our leading competitor."

"If he would have gotten away, the information he had could have set our opponents ahead of us for years."

"It took weeks for everything to be repaired with my legs, but.." He smiles, "I had a bigger office when I got back to work."

He says as he closes his story.

Master_GM (GM): Everyone cheers by the end of your story.

Dalry is beaming with a great big grin with the conclusion of your story.

Master_GM (GM): It is not long before you find yourself saddled up with an Ibbot.

Dalry: "We will make good time with this." He tells you once he climbs on his ride.

Morse: Morse climbs onto the creature's back, still not liking the idea, but more comfortable with it, especially after being on foot for so long. "Excellent. How much further do we have to the space port?"

Dalry: "Well, it is still more than a days ride by Ibbot..." He warns you.

"Are you ready?"

Morse: "More than a day's ride is better than a week's walk. Let's go!"

Katriana and Jonah Pre-Session Edit

Master_GM (GM): It is the early evening as the trio comes to land near the location that Katriana felt Morse's presence. The scrap of the escape pod was in sight. However as you move closer towards it you notice that you are not the first to get here. There seems to be a band of space pirates rummaging through the material. "Look over here, captain." One of them calls out.

The one wearing the faciest of clothing walks towards him. "What did you find?"

"It looks like a broken droid. Looks like it blew up, but look here is a courier safe. It might have some valuables in it if we can get it up."

"Well if it helps us find the targets then lets get inside of it. I want to get paid for this." He then pauses for a moment and waves for the others to go back to the ship. "Come along, there is nothing here that can helps us." He walks away with a limp.

Cori: Watches from the hiding spot Jonah has chosen to keep them from being spotted. She holds her breath as they walk by without seeing them.

Katriana winces as she hears the pirates. "We have to get that safe.." she whispers to Jonah.

Alicia G: how many pirates are there?

Master_GM (GM): Out scouting there are four.

Jonah: "You mean the one the pirates just took? This just gets better and better."

How closely guarded is the box? Are they already working on it?

Master_GM (GM): Right now one of them is carrying it to the ship he is about 30 feet away. The woods around you is fairly wooded. You can see his ship ramp from afar and that is the location he is heading.

Alicia G: are they all walking together then?

Master_GM (GM): Yes they are all walking closely together towards the shipl.

Alicia G: converts ft to m for abilities. So about 9m which is 6s... they've walked past us?

Master_GM (GM): Yes as a full action.

Katriana: what's their marching order? is the guy with the box behind or in front?

Master_GM (GM): Scattered...

Katriana: is there anyone in viewing range to him?

ok.. hmm

Master_GM (GM): Visual representation.

Katriana indicates the one holding the safe as she reaches behind her to pull out the retractable quarterstaff she carries. "If we can't get to it. we need to destroy it." Waiting for Jonah to be ready but before they can get much further away she uses the Force to pull the one carrying the box back toward them and into a tree trunk.

Jonah: ((Was I ever told what's in it? Because I honestly have no idea))

Katriana: Use the Force 36

Master_GM (GM): (I don't think you were.)

Alicia G: not specifically, but I did mention at one time that it has some of her identities and proof that she's Adalyn

Master_GM (GM): (So was that a Force Thrust?)

Katriana: MO

42 damage

Master_GM (GM): The pirate is suddenly pulled from sight of one of the pirates and he hits into a tree hard enough to knock him out. Jonah has a reaction before initative is rolled.

Jonah: ((OH))

"Well, that's one solution," he mutters as he takes his rifle, and fires a shot at another pirate.

Master_GM (GM): Hits

Schwall: (Oh. Should I not be here right now? I didn't know pirates were being fought.)

Alicia G: in retrospect I should have flung the two at the end into each other

Master_GM (GM): You can stay. I just needed to finish this last portion before the game that start closer to 8.

Master_GM (GM): He knicks one of the pirates.

Roll initiative.

Initiative 8

Katriana: Rolling for Turn Order 7

Master_GM (GM): Initiative 17

Cori: "I got the safe." She says as she moves towards it and picks it up.

Master_GM (GM): She ends her turn Jonah's turn

Jonah: Jonah lines up another shot, on the same pirate he fired on before.

Master_GM (GM): Through the guidance of the all mystical and penetrating and binding force his shot is aimed true.

Master_GM (GM): The wounds the pirate, he is not out of the fight but near useless. Anything with your move action. Finding cover as a suggestion.

Alicia G: still have the two guys in the front?

Master_GM (GM): Yes.

Pirate Raider: "A second ambush this week. I can't believe it. Harn, get back to the ship you are no good to us out here." The leader says as he finds cover. The start moving back towards there ships as one takes a shot at Cori and the other at Katriana.

Attacking with Heavy Blaster Pistol • Energy • Attack Notes

Attack 9

Damage 24

Pirate Raider: Attacking with Heavy Blaster Pistol • Energy • Attack Notes

Attack 26

Damage 16

Misses Cori terribly.

Pirate Raider: The other one, does it hit Katriana.


Katriana lets out a gasp as the shot hits her in the leg.

Pirate Raider: Katriana's actions

Katriana concentrates on the one that just fired on her (Force Stun) forcing a series of confusing sensory information to overwhelm him before ducking back into the woods.

Katriana: Use the Force 34

Alicia G: -1 CT +-1CT per 5 over Fort

Master_GM (GM): His whole body weakens and he can only continue to stagger towards the ship.

Cori follows after Katriana with the safe in tow ducking low to remain out of the way of any stray blaster bolts.

Master_GM (GM): Jonah's turn.

Jonah sees the shot hit Katriana, and in a surge of anger, returns fire at the one who shot her.

Master_GM (GM): The already staggered pirate drops to the ground losing consciousness. The other two pirates make it back to their vessel and begin to get it running. The ship lifts off, but it looks like it is going to give chase after the group.

Katriana looks for somewhere they can bolt to and prepares an illusion for the pirates to chase.

Jonah: "Oh, boy. That would be our cue to run. Cori, you got the box?"

Cori: "I got it Jonah, I got it." She affirms.

Alicia G: we need somewhere we can use to conceal us

Master_GM (GM): Who has the highest stealth check?

Jonah: +11

Katriana: or at least big enough for Jonah and Cori

Master_GM (GM): Not Cori.

Katriana: +6

but I also have cloak

doubt I could use them at the same time though

Master_GM (GM): Illusion is a standard.

If cloak is a move.

Katriana: cloak is a std

Master_GM (GM): I think Jonah should make the stealth then at a -4

Katriana sees a dense cluster of trees and pulls Jonah towards it. "You need to hide us. I'll led them away. Otherwise we'll be running all day!"

Jonah: "What? No! You can't even run, you just got shot in the leg!"

Katriana grits her teeth at the reminder. "Just hide us! Trust me."

Katriana prepares the illusion of them running further into the woods once Jonah can conceal them.

Katriana: Use the Force 19

Jonah makes quick work of it, not only pulling them in but moving the foliage to conceal them

Katriana: wow. can I use a reroll

I put it at -2 btw for a gargantuan illusion

Master_GM (GM): The ship takes off after the illusion flying right over the hidden group not even noticing them as they cruise by.

Cori: As the silence settles, "Whew, that was too crazy."

Katriana face contorts into concentration her face growing paler as the illusion moves further way (it should last 9 minutes unless they do something before then)

Cori: "At least we got the safe," she says patting then realizing. "What is so damn important about it anyway?"

Jonah notices how pale she is

Jonah: "Hey. You okay?"

Katriana looks up. "If they're working with Tsuvo it has a great deal of information in it which could damage any chance we have of catching up to him." She smiles weakly at Jonah, "Yes, just creating that illusion takes a lot of mental focus. We should be good to move."

Katriana: "Be a good idea to before they realize they've been tricked and circle back."

Katriana goes to check to see if the guy she knocked into the tree is still alive.

Cori: Not with his skull crushed in. He is dead.

Katriana searches him for clues to his identity and takes any medpacs and powerpacks he has.

Master_GM (GM): On his person he has a heavy blaster pistol, a vibrosword, a insignia that you figure belongs to a pirate crew and about 200 credits. The other guy that shot Katriana early is not dead, he is still breathing, he has the same material.

Jonah checks the other one

Katriana takes the credits and insignia (from one of them), feeling a tang of guilt at having used such excessive force on the man. She nudges the unconscious pirate as she steps up beside Jonah. "Wish we had time to question him."

Jonah: "Me too, but we should get out of here before they make another pass this way."

Alicia G: taking the powerpack out of the blasters btw

Jonah at least pockets the credits

Master_GM (GM): Okay. Noted.

Cori: "Where to from here?"

Katriana shakes her head. "Not sure..."

Katriana: "Maybe Morse left some sign as to where he went."

Katriana holds out her hand for the safe. "We should have a couple minutes to look around.. Maybe pick up a trail?" she asks the last to Jonah.

Jonah nods and starts examining the area

Master_GM (GM): Impressive hit the the DC exactly.

Go ahead and describe how he finds any tracks or clues provided that the pirates would not have.

Katriana cradles the safe as she paces around the crash site.

Master_GM (GM): Katriana spots the head of an old friend, AJAX.

Jonah crouches down, brushing away some of the dirt, and tilts his head as he notices a few little pieces of metal gleaming in the sunlight...

Katriana frowns and see if she can locate his memory core. "Poor AJAX."

Jonah moves on, and notices something else. Some of the dirt is subtly different.. tracked from the crash site? Not by pirate boots, he saw those. And they didn't go this far out...

Jonah: "I think I got something."

Jonah follows from there, and starts noticing other subtle clues, bent branches, broken twigs, and more hidden footsteps.

AJAX: Finding the head as Katriana picks up what is left of the memory the cyclops eye dimly lights. "I-I-I-I'm s-s-s-s-sory master." The robot is able to wheeze out of its damaged vocal transistors.

"I-I-I'm afraid I-I-I-I've been compromised." The light goes dim. After a few more seconds it lights up again and it repeats it in a loop.

Katriana pulls the power to stop the cycle, troubled by her faithful droids last words. "Don't worry AJAX.." she whispers. "I'll find out what happened and bring you back good as new." With his core retrieved she gently sets it down and follows after Jonah.

Jonah keeps following the trail

Katriana: "Should we got back for your ibbot?"

Master_GM (GM): The trail leads deeper into the woods and as it becomes darker it leads towards a small village surrounded by a cluster of trees.

Jonah: "Go back? No need." He reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a small whistle, then blows into it. For a few minutes, nothing seems to happen, but then, a rustling approaches through the trees as something large makes its way through. Noru appears a moment later.

Katriana looks furtively out of their own hiding spot towards the village and then around it as she looks for signs of the pirates. She smiles at Norua as the ibbot appears. "Clever girl, aren't you?"

Master_GM (GM): There are five guards that stand outside of the village, both of them look to be Drall. The walk around the perimeter. To Jonah's eyes that looks like too many, they must have been hit by someone or something pretty big recently.


Jonah: "Something's up. Security's too high for a typical Drall village patrol."

"I'm gonna try talking to them."

Katriana grabs his arm for a moment, studying him before letting go. "Be careful..."

Jonah grins. "Relax. You know what a cautious guy I am."

Jonah stows his rifle somewhere easily accessible before he goes to meet them.

Katriana crouches in the brush watching for signs that she and Cori should make an appearance.

Master_GM (GM): As you approach the guards one of them spots you and turns pointing a single blaster rifle at you. The others are carrying spears. The way the one holds his blaster rifle tells you that he might actually not really know how to use it. He speaks to you in his native tongue. "Droul lot doot do!"

Jonah: Jonah, fortunately, speaks Drallish.


Master_GM (GM): "Hold it right there!"

Jonah stops and puts his hands up

Master_GM (GM): Feeling a little more confidant he steps closer. "Who are you and what are you here for?"

Jonah: "Easy, there. I'm not looking for a fight. My name's Jonah, I'm looking for a man called Morse."

"Had any visitors lately?"

Master_GM (GM): Upon hearing the name Morse he repeats in a way a Drall would call someone who is important, a dignitary, or a hero.

Then he becomes serious, "What do you want with him?" His finger back on the trigger, him holding the gun in that fashion makes you a little nervous due to him not handling it well and may just misfiring hurting you or even himself.

Jonah: "First of all, point that somewhere else unless you're about to use it. Second, I'm a friend. If you know where he is, tell him I and Katriana are looking for him."

Katriana begins to grow antsy since she can't tell what they're saying but only sees the nervous looking Drall tighten his grip on the weapon

Master_GM (GM): He eases up on the rifle, "A friend?" He looks you over summing you up with one look. He places the rifle on his side. "He passed through her, but he had left a day or two earlier."

Jonah tenses up a little bit, prepared to reach over his back if it comes to a fight. Finger on the trigger like that... if it weren't clear this guy just has no trigger discipline, he'd take that as a sign he was about to get shot.

Jonah: "Thank you. Which direction?"

Jonah sighs with relief and relaxes somewhat.

Master_GM (GM): "They went to the next closes village near the plateaus; he and Dalry were looking to get some ibbots to travel to Mecca."

Katriana sees the Drall set his rifle to his side and decides now was as good a time as any, unable to stand hiding any longer. She steps out of the brush, letting them see her before she starts walking toward Jonah. "Was he here? Is he safe?"

Jonah: "He was, but he's gone by now. Headed to a village near the plateaus. We can probably catch him on Noru."

Katriana nods, relieved. "Let's not waste any time, then."

Jonah smiles at the Drall he was talking to. "Thanks for your help. By the way, did something happen here? Security seems a little high."

Master_GM (GM): "We were attacked, your friend Morse however saved us." He said beaming.

Jonah: "What a hero."

"Let me guess. Pirates?"

Master_GM (GM): "How did you know?"

Jonah: "Got in a fight with four of them, back that way. She got shot," he gestures to Katriana. "Can you spare any medical supplies?"

Katriana flips her translator on when she realizes they won't be conversing in basic

Master_GM (GM): He frowns, "Well, he have a shaman, but he would be resting at this hour, I am not sure if it is wise to wake him. I am sorry."

Katriana: "I have a single medpac left."

Jonah: He sighs. "I see. Thank you for your time."

Katriana: "Everything else was lost in the crash."

Jonah: "Then we'll use it. Let's find a place to sit, and I can work on you for a minute."

Katriana smiles. "I'll be fine. Really!" she adds seeing his look of skepticism. "Let's get going."

Katriana nods in thanks to the Drall before turning back towards where Noru and Cori are waiting, trying rather hard not to limp on her leg.

Jonah frowns, but concedes for the time being, and mounts Noru. There's no way to change her mind when she's like this. "Fine. But as soon as we find Morse..."

Jonah: "We're stopping at one of those settlements and getting you checked out."

Katriana: "I've had medical training you know. It's not as bad as it looks."

Jonah: "You can barely walk on that leg. You should stay on Noru."

Katriana makes up on Noru with little help though is relectunt to admit her leg pains her. "Let's just go..."

Jonah: "I guess we can argue about it later. Right now, Morse is heading to that settlement, and when he gets on his own ibbot, he'll be a lot harder to catch up to."