Star Wars: Forgotten Ones
GM AliciaG
Era Rebellion
Start Date 10 Nov 2014
Last time on Forgotten Ones....

The team is on a search and rescue mission after Nadia was discovered to have crash landed on the inhospitable planet Durace. Using the Force, Shi Krem ascertains that the young Jedi is indeed still alive, though just barely. Racing against time, the team has tracked the distress call of the ship’s astromech droid to a cave system in a mountain about a kilometer away from the crash site. Finding firmer ground than what was available on the beach, Aela is able to land the ship just outside.

Entering the cave, the sunlight from the noon day sun reveals a trail of rusted metal and twisted scrap leading further into the mountain.

Shi Krem clips her glow rod to the front of her cloak and ignites her saber, providing a decent amount of light as well as feeling out her surroundings with the Force.

H3-4L B07 activates his low-light optics for a better field of view

Alicia G (GM): Lowlight won't work in the cave as there's nothing to provide light

H3-4L B07: like the saber of light that has been activated

Alicia G (GM): other than the glow-rod and lightsaber that ShiKrem activated, but it has linmited range

Shi Krem has her saber for close ambient light and the glow rod pointing forward from her chest for a headlight.

Alicia G (GM): The trail of debris continues deeper into the caves

Shi Krem leads them forward, seeing as there's really only one path she focuses on sensing any danger at the moment instead of pinpointing Nadia.

Alicia G (GM): Roll Perceoption

Shi Krem:

Perception 31

H3-4L B07:

Perception 15

Alicia G (GM): As you move down the hall, you see what looks like a piece of a droid. The trail is almost like something dragged in bits and pieces of the ship and a droid in here.

H3-4L B07: "Well that can't be good."

Shi Krem takes that as a good sign and paves the way forward. Her force sense and motion tracker both working overtime.

Alicia G (GM): Entering the cavern you can see where the trail of debris ends. In the corner is a large pile of rusted metal fragments and the missing astromech.

It chirps feebly, using its last bit of power before shutting down. From the looks of it, something has torn this poor R4 unit open

Shi Krem twirls her saber as she does a quick little perimeter of the opening before she makes her way over to the droid.

Poison: does it look like he can be repaired enough to walk back with a quick repair?

Alicia G (GM): It's pretty shredded.

Not in any reasonable amount of time.

Aela Viszla: (How heavy is he?)

Alicia G (GM): Trained in Life Science JT?

H3-4L B07: Can I recover his memory unit to see his last sights

and yes

Alicia G (GM): You would have to jury rig a temporary power source to power the memory core long enough to DL the info.

Roll the Know

H3-4L B07:

Knowledge (Life Sciences) 33

"Hmmmm... I wonder it would have grabbed nadia? Her armor is pretty colorful.

Alicia G (GM): she also didn't take it with her

H3-4L B07: "She didn't?"

"That's rather odd mysterious voice in my head."

Alicia G (GM): heh

Shi Krem raises an eyebrow at Bill as she paces around the clearing they're in, clearly on edge.

Alicia G (GM): Suffice to say, the trail of debris ends.. this seems to be where the avka stores its hoard.

H3-4L B07: "A bird. Pretty common to the outer rim. They like to hoard colorful metal. Probably why it grabbed the R4 unit."

Shi Krem: "Size?"

H3-4L B07: "Big and strong enough to rip a droid out of a crashed starship."

Aela Viszla: (What were we doing here, by the by? =) )

JT: sunny. the recap

Shi Krem: We uh... did some mingling with that guy you all know on cloud city that owns that ship, then got a distress call through various technological and force-y means that Nadia was in trouble, since she'd went on that solo mission pretty much as soon as we landed at Cloud City, so we tracked her to some barren wasteland of a backwater planet and found that she was trying to avoid the imps in the stormy atmosphere but got blindsided by a storm and crashed, so we flew down and got her and fought off cthulhu in the process.

But turns out

we'd never made it to her yet

we found the crashed ship and followed the droids transponder into this cave nearby

Alicia G (GM): (cause fighting cthulhu is way too easy)

H3-4L B07 leans down and opens himself

Aela Viszla: (lol, all my star wars games are doing cthulu this week, its like a thing)



Shi Krem looks away a little awkwardly, trying to peer down one of the passageways.

H3-4L B07: "The Avka took Nadia first, then came back for the R4"

Aela Viszla: "So, whats an Avka?"

H3-4L B07 turns his volume up and shouts. "NADIA, CAN YOU HEAR US? CAW!"

H3-4L B07: "The giant bird thing."

Alicia G (GM): As Bill shouts, the ground around you begins to rumble

Cave In


Attack: 28 vs Reflex

Damage: 9; Take half damage on fail

Sunny: half damage on fail?

H3-4L B07: I have evasion

Aela Viszla: (if it misses)

Aela Viszla: (I take 9 it appears)

Sunny: ah, ok

DiceBot: H3-4L B07 lost 4 hit points.

DiceBot: Aela lost 9 hit points.

DiceBot: Shi Krem lost 9 hit points.

Shi Krem: "Ack! Please try not to bury us!" She shout-whispers as she's reamed in the back of the head by a large rock.

Alicia G (GM): The way out is now blocked

H3-4L B07 turns himself back down "Unstable cave... nice. Just great Bill. Well then... BRING ON THE DARKNESS!"

Aela Viszla: As rocks crash down on Aela, she straightens up. "Well, it appears we'll continue forward."

H3-4L B07: "Theirs a side passage here."

Shi Krem: "I'd like to nip any notions of splitting up in the butt right here."

H3-4L B07 begins wooping and scuttles down the side passage.

Shi Krem tightens the grip on her hilt as she delves her mind into the flow of the Living Force, trying to pluck out the stream of Nadia's presence for her to follow.

Alicia G (GM): Shi Krem has happy memories of getting buried in a cave in :)

JT: zoidberg makes everything better

Shi Krem grumbles under her breath.

Alicia G (GM): Any sort of loud noise sends the cave to shaking, but as long as it's not overly loud you seem to be safe.

Aela Viszla turns on her sound sponge.

H3-4L B07 turns "Do you feel anything Shi?" bill transmits through internal comms

Shi Krem remains pensive as she takes the lead.

H3-4L B07: "Hmmm What's this way we wonders?"


Shi Krem: "Do not go wandering off, lest you wish a swift end."

Alicia G (GM): are you really shouting?


"I'm quietly screaming.

Shi Krem: "Bill. You will lose your vocoder privileges."

H3-4L B07: "I don't know what a vocoder is." Bill huddles on the ground going fetal waiting for the others

JT: did you mean vocabulator

Sunny: maybe :33

H3-4L B07: "My squakbox?"

Shi Krem: "I will slice it out. You will have plenty of time for merriment when we rescue Nadia, now come on."

Alicia G (GM): Bill has indeed what appears to be a river of lava blocking the way

H3-4L B07: "Theirs lava this way though" Bill says getting up wandering closer to the mesmerizing magma

Shi Krem consults her force sense once more as she stands at the start of the passage towards the lava.

H3-4L B07 tries to raise nadia on comms again. "Nadia, do you copy. We are in the caves searching for you. If you can please respond."

JT: also what is this discolored squares

Nadia: The static lets up for a moment and a quiet, weak voice fills in. "Bill?"

Alicia G (GM): creating a path where there wasn't one before really

Shi Krem: "Nadia! We're coming just... hold tight!"

H3-4L B07: "Nadia, we're by a river of lava, Are you in the caves? If so how deep?"

Shi Krem examines the jump needed to clear that lava lake.

Nadia: "No caves... I'm... in a ravine."

H3-4L B07: "Were you brought their by a giant bird thing."

Story Teller: We'll say its 6m wide

Sunny: so 2 squares?

Nadia: 4 sq

H3-4L B07: Why did you have to ask

Sunny: so i dont try to jump what i thought was a DC 9 jump when its actually a DC 18

Nadia coughs "Ya... I think I remember that."

Shi Krem: "Nadia... I need you to stay awake. Can you do that for me? We'll be with you real soon."

Shi Krem steps back and peers at the ceiling above the lava.

H3-4L B07: "Kark, No one else falls not anymore."

Story Teller: What are you looking for? you see a cieling of the black soft dirt clumped with rock

Aela Viszla looks around for ways she could do cross over, maybe a ledge up above

Shi Krem is looking for anything that looks like it could be used as a bridge.

H3-4L B07 blasts it with his scatter gun

Story Teller: Blasting the ceiling?

H3-4L B07: yes

Story Teller:

Cave In


Attack: 30 vs Reflex

Damage: 14; Take half damage on fail

ouch... 28 damage

H3-4L B07: 14 for me

Shi Krem attempts to negate any shit falling on them with quick uses of force pushes.

Shi Krem if she can.

Story Teller: The noise from the scattergun going off causes another section of the cave to collapse in combined with firing on an already unstable ceiling... The volume from the amount of debris mixes with the laval, causing it to spread

DiceBot: H3-4L B07 lost 14 hit points.

DiceBot: Shi Krem lost 28 hit points.

DiceBot: Aela lost 28 hit points.

Sunny: oh, crit

JT: does it create a temporary rock floating in lava?

Story Teller: high or low

H3-4L B07: high

Story Teller: 93

yes, but won't be there for long

H3-4L B07: doesn't need to be

Story Teller: Roll a Wisdom check all of you

Shi Krem grunts as she's damn near crushed by falling debris, getting thrown down another condition.

Poison: thats mean

H3-4L B07 runs jumping to the floating rock and then clearing the rest of the river

Shi Krem:

Wisdom 6

Aela Viszla:

Wisdom 5

H3-4L B07:

Wisdom 21

Story Teller: Before you actually jump...


H3-4L B07 turns searching for for an alternate way around

Story Teller: As long as you aren't adjacent you'll be fine

Shi Krem: "Aela. Get ready."

Story Teller: the lava is now 5sq wide that's 7.5m

Aela Viszla: "I'm ready."

Shi Krem holds out a hand. Flinging Aela through the air onto the edge of that floating rock, and then again very quickly onto the other side, being able to auto pass the UtF for a medium sized move object

Shi Krem: "As long as Nadia remains conscious I am able to utilize her talent in the more... physical aspects of the Force."

Aela Viszla: Aela lands on the other side, and turns, to help the others over, if possible.

Story Teller: Aela perhaps feels a bit odd as some unknown force lifts her up erffortlessly. She can feel the heat of the lava as she starts to hover over it

Shi Krem ignores the many bleeding gashes and rips in her clothing from Bill's multiple cave ins.

Shi Krem does the same for Bill, dropping to a knee after she gets him onto the floating rock and then flinging him the rest of the way, perhaps a bit more roughly than Aela.

Alicia G (GM): added Surge to your ability list

Story Teller: Bill actually has his own way across if he decides to use it

Shi Krem turns herself towards the lava, bending down like a sprinter as she takes off at an unnatural speed towards the lava, jumping mightily at the last second.

Shi Krem:


Use the Force 26

Note Counts as running start for Jump

Force Point to increase Jump by +10 and 2 squares

Destiny Point to increase speed by 4 squares, no Jump roll necessary

Story Teller: autopass for a jump

All of you manage to make it safely across

Shi Krem tries to land gracefully at the other end. but in all honesty at 39hp and -2 CT she probably slams into the ground hard and slides into the back wall.

H3-4L B07: Unless We help catch her

Shi Krem slams into Bill then, who may or may not be able to stop a large mass of Jedi moving unnaturally fast.

JT: also you should take some swift actions to go back up condition track

Aela Viszla: (you really should)

Sunny: it takes me 5 instead of 3 to move up the CT because of my goggles

Alicia G (GM): you're also I believe at the point you can use 2nd wind

Aela Viszla: thats fine, do 5

Shi Krem does the Second Wind, then.

DiceBot: Shi Krem gained 25 hit points.

Sunny: can i take 2 swifts over the course of the next few turns as we walk further in to recover?

it seems out of character to just stop completely to rest when someones life is on the line

Story Teller: you're not in combat so you could take a minute a recover completely

JT: and we're not in combat so you could do it while we're moving

Sunny: whatever lets me stay moving as i do it works for me, i just dont wanna stop completely to rest

Alicia G (GM): are you able to see the light cast off by the lava btw?

Sunny: i think so?

Aela Viszla: (dont think so)

H3-4L B07: yes

Sunny: yeah def can

just let me know when we've moved enough for me to regain CT

Story Teller: Walking out into the sunlight you see that the exit takes you into a long ravine.

THe teal lines are the walls to the ravine where the green are areas of difficult terrain

As the wind blows across the outcropping, you see several stony protrusions jutting up from the ground, separating you from Nadia’s prone form. Purple lightning flashes overhead, as though a storm is threatening to pour down upon you. Though there are no other visible creatures here, you can see the telltale signs that this outcropping has been used as a nest by some large creature.

Shi Krem takes the time to reignite her lightsaber as she prepares for the worst.

H3-4L B07 sees nadia and begins running for her full speed

Shi Krem: "Stop running ahead so brazenly!!" She hisses into her comm, her voice hoarse.

JT: also surefooted means dificult terrain doesn't effect me and my speed is 8

Sunny: did i have enough time to move up 1 on the CT while walking from lava to here?

Story Teller: Definitely

JT: so I can reach her in run round

Story Teller: what path are you taking? The rocks are 2m tall so you have to go around them rather than through


Drawing close to one of the 2m columns, it tembles as chunks fall away. The stony structure jutting up from the floor of the cliff quivers before shattering, spraying fragments of shell and revealing the young avka inside

H3-4L B07: "Blast!"

Story Teller:

Avka Egg Hatching

Area, natural

Attack: 29 vs Reflex

Damage: 12; Half on miss

DiceBot: H3-4L B07 lost 12 hit points.

JT: another 12 damage

Aela Viszla: (everyone rolls 20's every roll now!)

Sunny: womp womp

Story Teller:

Rolling for Turn Order 10.12

JT: ummmm

Sunny: nice init

H3-4L B07:

Rolling for Turn Order 13.18

Story Teller: the decimal is your Dex score for determining ties

Sunny: oooh ok. nice

JT: also 1

Shi Krem:

Rolling for Turn Order 24.2

JT: both of us


Y 11's turn is done.

The next turn has begun!


JT: aela

Aela Viszla:

Rolling for Turn Order 8.22

JT: okay it's all crits today for some reason

H3-4L B07: rolling d100




= 12

Alicia G (GM): I was playing in a game earlier.. I rolled all 2s as a player

Shi Krem moves forward, spending that temp FP card to regain Nadia's move object to attempt to fling that fucking pterodactyl towards her.

Story Teller: She would have recovered it...

no need to spend the FP

Sunny: oh i thought i could only use one of her- oh yeah



Shi Krem:

Move Object [Telekinetic]

Use the Force v. Will if object resist; Hurl or drop object v. target's Ref Def, both take damage;

Use the Force 28

Note Moving a hovering or flying target opposes Use the Force with a grapple check

Force Point to increase max size of object one category and +11 dam (max 12d6)

Destiny Point to increase max size three categories and +24 dam (max 16d6)

Unleashed if you hurl an object into another object multiply damage by 2

Alicia G (GM): can you take the card back?

Sunny: how?


Story Teller: who are you flinging the akta towards?


Shi Krem is flinging it to land at her feet, since the max range is 6 and she was exactly 12 away when she started.

Sunny: so i guess it might be going through Bill?

JT: that's cool I got HP to spare

Sunny: yeah ill fling it straight south into the wall

in that case

Aela Viszla: (its fine, he aimed the cave at us, he deserves it =P)

DiceBot: Y 11 lost 25 hit points.

Sunny: hmm i feel like being a badass

how common are destiny points?

Story Teller: I award them for exceptional things or you get them at odd levels

Sunny: oh so we're level 8 so yeah I should use one, then.

Shi Krem destiny points that move object to absolutely demolish that thing

DiceBot: Y 11 lost 24 hit points.

Story Teller: suprisingly.. it's still alive

Shi Krem feels good about that though.


The Previous turn is done.

The next turn has begun!


Shi Krem: "I don't know what's gotten into you. But I do not like it."

H3-4L B07: "OKAY! Let's do this." H3 busts out the carbine he's been hanging onto. "Got two frags. Let's go!"

Story Teller: Another bursts open as you move adjacent to it

Avka Egg Hatching

Area, natural

Attack: 29 vs Reflex

Damage: 15; Half on miss

DiceBot: H3-4L B07 lost 15 hit points.

JT: also it had a mounted grenade launcher WHAT IS WITH ALL THE CRITS SERIOUSLY?

Aela Viszla: can we check that die roll to make sure its not set to just be a 20? I dont recall any other rolls by it

Sunny: the eggs dont seem to be doing crit damage at least

H3-4L B07: No that's just my evasion making it half again

Sunny: i am hella suspicious of it though

Story Teller: I swear.. I'm not fudging it...

It's just how my luck goes

Sunny: just roll it a few more times to see

Story Teller:

Avka Egg Hatching

Area, natural

Attack: 16 vs Reflex

Damage: 8; Half on miss

Avka Egg Hatching

Area, natural

Attack: 22 vs Reflex

Damage: 17; Half on miss

JT: the next roll will crit me

Sunny: plays sad trombone


The Previous turn is done.

Y 11, it's now your turn!

Story Teller: The young avka will move towards Bill

eh.. I doubt they could actually fly yet

H3-4L B07: "Okay! Bring it on!"

Story Teller: It waddles towards him

The newly hatched avka screeches hungrily and tries to gnaw on Bill

2 claw


Attack: 21

Damage: 14

Notes: Double attack

H3-4L B07: miss


Y 11's turn is done.

The next turn has begun!


Story Teller: You're point blank if that's what you're checking :)

Aela Viszla: (doh, my macro failed)

Story Teller: checking

Aela Viszla:

Deathhammer / BlasTech DT-12 Heavy Blaster Pistol


Deathhammer 22; 21 damage

Blas Tech 21; 24 damage

Notes: Dual Weapon Full Attack, PBS

Story Teller: haha... I critted on my test roll...

Aela Viszla: lol

Story Teller: aiming for?


Aela Viszla: 8

DiceBot: Y 8 lost 21 hit points.

DiceBot: Y 8 lost 24 hit points.


Round 2

The Previous turn is done.

The next turn has begun!


Sunny: so 11 is still up

Story Teller: yup

Shi Krem calmly steps forward, saber in hand a demeanor impassive as she slices through the air.

Shi Krem:

Double-Bladed Lightsaber

Energy / Slashing

Attack: 14

Damage: 21


Sunny: womp womp

Story Teller: She swings.. and it shuts off

H3-4L B07: "This is the worst rescue mission ever."

Shi Krem is greeted by her saber fizzling, and reacts by popping her backup into her other hand and igniting it as a free action.

Shi Krem's weapon is shut off


The Previous turn is done.

The next turn has begun!


Shi Krem: "Unknown forces conspire against us."

H3-4L B07: "Yeah I got that when I saw the purple lightning. The sith's probably here."

JT: swift catch second wind

DiceBot: H3-4L B07 gained 22 hit points.

Story Teller: Take AoO

JT: so move and jump as part of a move and yes

Sunny: would i just passively sense the presence of a sith on the same planet as me or would i need to be actively searching?

JT: not necessarily

Story Teller: You would need to be searching. Though normally when in close proximity to DS I'll normally let you know

Sunny: aight

Story Teller:



Attack: 22

Damage: 15

H3-4L B07: misses

Story Teller: actually would be 20 but still misses

where are you jumping to?

H3-4L B07: which sets that one off

Story Teller: yup

H3-4L B07: and second move is jumping to here after that resolves

Sunny: oh my god hes fucking leeroy jenkinsing it

Story Teller:

Avka Egg Hatching

Area, natural

Attack: 14 vs Reflex

Damage: 14; Half on miss

H3-4L B07: so nothing

Sunny: its doubly relevant because they're flying things hatching out of eggs

H3-4L B07: I know

Ready to End Turn ?

H3-4L B07: yes


The Previous turn is done.

Y 11, it's now your turn!

Story Teller: The creatures begin to swarm around Shi


Attack: 12

Damage: 20

Notes: swarm

2 claw

Attack: 24

Damage: 22

Notes: Double attack, swarm

Sunny: its always exceed AC for attacks right? i can never remember

Story Teller: think I forgot to include the 2nd attack for the double...

Sunny: ah no its equals or exceeds so im gonna have to block 2 claw

Shi Krem:

Use the Force 34

Story Teller: take first attack of this one for the 2nd attack

2 claw

Attack: 23 | 24

Damage: 22 | 20

Notes: Double attack, swarm

Sunny: so they both have double attack?

Story Teller: and both miss as you block

no.. I just forgot to include the 2nd attack in the macro till just now

The other one follows Bill


Y 11's turn is done.

The next turn has begun!


JT: so is nadia on a ledge?

Aela Viszla shoots 2 more times at Y8

Aela Viszla:

Deathhammer / BlasTech DT-12 Heavy Blaster Pistol


Deathhammer 33; 26 damage

Blas Tech 20; 21 damage

Notes: Dual Weapon Full Attack, PBS

Story Teller: shooting the same one right?

Aela Viszla: nodnod

Ready to End Turn ?


Round 3

The Previous turn is done.

The next turn has begun!


Story Teller: huh,, uh.. when did you reignite your saber?

Sunny: i popped out the legsaber and ignited it as a free action after the other fizzled

Story Teller: ah ok

Shi Krem twirls the small, plain looking single saber as she swings out at 11, hoping to end it quickly.

Shi Krem:



Attack: 19

Damage: 19


Story Teller: You finish off the wounded hatchling

Sunny: 2 swifts to reignite right?

Story Teller: right

Shi Krem drops the legsaber back into its holster as a free and works to recalibrate her wonky blade emitters, getting the doublesaber back into working order.


The Previous turn is done.

The next turn has begun!


Shi Krem's weapon is reignited

JT: so is nadia on a ledge or something

Nadia is laying in a crevice she's managed to wedge herself into. From the current vantage you can't see her wounds, but her breathing you hear is coming in unevenly as if she's in a great deal of pain.

H3-4L B07: So she's in a crevice in the wall?

Alicia G (GM): yup

JT: okay

H3-4L B07: shoot Y 6

rolling 1d20+10




= 11

JT: so that carbine didn't have a power pack in it did it?

H3-4L B07's weapon is dead Jim!

H3-4L B07: drop that as a free and draw my scatter gun


The Previous turn is done.

Y 11, it's now your turn!

Alicia G (GM): how are you drawing as free?

JT: not dropping as a free or swift or whatever and drawing as a move

Nadia: nm.. drop is actually a swift

Story Teller: we're good

The hatchling swipes at Bill

2 claw


Attack: 24 | 26

Damage: 6 | 9

Notes: Double attack

H3-4L B07: second hits

DiceBot: H3-4L B07 lost 9 hit points.


Y 11's turn is done.

The next turn has begun!



Round 4

The Previous turn is done.

The next turn has begun!


Story Teller: Poison.. what did you end up doing?

Shi Krem runs forward, and is /now/ going to use her temp FP to regain move object to slam Y6 due north.

Story Teller: You can't

you've used your once per encounter use of one of Nadia's powers

Aela Viszla: (I moved forward)

Sunny: ah, so i cant spend the FP to regain it like i could my own?

Story Teller: nope. you can only use one of her powers in an encounter.. actually the trade can only be done once so if she had used one of yours then you wouldn't be able to either.

Look up Telepathic Link power.

er Talent

Sunny: oooh ok its a thing i thought this was something you just houseruled

Story Teller: nope

It's how you two have been able to talk to each other so well through the Force :)

Shi Krem is going to uh.... go fuck herself apparently.

Shi Krem isn't eager to trigger another egg.

Story Teller: We could play around with you throwing your lightsaber :)

Sunny: i mean, yeah why not

Story Teller: ranged attack -5 penalty

Sunny: so i just roll the attack as i normally would -5?

Aela Viszla: ( love it)

H3-4L B07: If you stick me with a lightsaber Ima be mad

Sunny: :33

Story Teller: you use Dex right? ya.. only no double dex to damage

there's no mod for ranged damage

Shi Krem acrobatically twirls around to basically shoot and ignite the lightsaber in her leg in one fluid motion, since its a free action.

Shi Krem:



Attack: 17

Damage: 18


Story Teller: now spend your temp FP

DiceBot: Y 6 lost 18 hit points.

Story Teller: DC 20 UtF if you have a swift to return your saber

Shi Krem:

Use the Force 33

Shi Krem catches it back in the leg holster, like a total fucking champ.

Story Teller: Acting like a boomerang it returns smoothing to your grasp

Aela Viszla: "Fancy, Kid."

Sunny: i basically roundhouse kicked the air, a saber flew out of my foot, and on the return of my leg it flew back in.

Alicia G (GM): FYI you have to be no more than 6sq to call back the saber

Sunny: thanks for the info

Alicia G (GM): there's actually a talent if you want to make this a habit :)

Ready to End Turn ?


The Previous turn is done.

The next turn has begun!


H3-4L B07:

The Retro Fire Special Point Blank


Attack: 22

Damage: 18


Sunny: man im already so starved for talents

DiceBot: Y 6 lost 18 hit points.

JT: fighting defensively


The Previous turn is done.

Y 11, it's now your turn!

Story Teller: so wait.. you actually take a penalty

JT: okay then screw it

Story Teller: -5 I think

JT: screw it, Just shot and done

Story Teller: Continues its attack on Bill

2 claw


Attack: 13 | 21

Damage: 9 | 7

Notes: Double attack


Y 11's turn is done.

The next turn has begun!


H3-4L B07: both miss

Aela Viszla: can I see 6 from here?

Story Teller: yup

Aela Viszla: oh, ok, wasnt sure what the green line was

H3-4L B07: green is rough terrain

Story Teller: green is where it's starting to slope up into the cliff side

Aela Viszla:

Deathhammer / BlasTech DT-12 Heavy Blaster Pistol


Deathhammer 34; 23 damage

Blas Tech 33; 28 damage

Notes: Dual Weapon Full Attack, PBS

Sunny: omg

Story Teller: noce

H3-4L B07: noice

Aela Viszla: (Did Aela tell you about the time she fought Revan? =) )

Sunny: i wonder if it survived

Story Teller: Blood splatters all over Bill as it pretty much explodes

Shi Krem: "And yet I'm the showoff."

H3-4L B07: "OKAY! Time to save nadia!"

Aela Viszla: thats like 84 damage, cuz the 33 isnt crit damage, I dont think

Story Teller: the dual/double attacks don't show the crit damage. just normal

102 total damage

Aela Viszla: (lol, nice)

"Is Nadia ok?"

JT: treat injury?

Shi Krem: "So as we've seen. Try not to get near the eggs."

Story Teller: You could giver her a preemptive stimulant and pain meds. but with her wedged in there you can't really treat her

H3-4L B07: "Nadia can you get out?"

JT: and I will assist her in getting out

Nadia seems to be having a hard time even staying conscious which changes as Bill starts to pull her out however gently. She fights back a scream of pain and almost wins. With her out, Bill can see her leg has a compound fracture and there's various wounds from the crash and the avka that carried her off.

H3-4L B07 pulls out his medical and surgery kits. "Time to get to work."

Nadia: There's also small spots of burns on the side that was exposed from the acid rain

H3-4L B07: First aid to stabilize her health first

Aela Viszla: (Yike)

H3-4L B07:

Treat Injury 26

heals her level Plus 11

Nadia looks up drowsily and then as if remembering something her eyes grow wide. "Can't stay! It will be coming!"

H3-4L B07: "We got ten minutes you think?"

Nadia: "I don't know."

H3-4L B07: "Well lets find out keep eyes on the sky, I need ten minutes!"

Shi Krem closes her eyes, extending her senses out to try and pick out any particularly... large creatures in the air.

H3-4L B07: "Time for surgery!"

Nadia: Aela.. High or low?

Aela Viszla: high?

Nadia: 22

JT: the shuttle doesn't have a slave call function does it?

Nadia: As Bill gets to work there's a loud screach from the air and Shi can sense the Huge creature coming their way.

H3-4L B07: "Alright Nadia, I'm gonna handle you a bit but don't take this the wrong way."

H3-4L B07 picks up nadia and begins moving up the wall with nadia... stealthily

Nadia: "Let's just get out of here..." she says through gritted teeth,

H3-4L B07:

Stealth 20

Aela Viszla:

Stealth 36

Aela Viszla turns on Sound Sponge

Nadia sends secret roll

Aela Viszla: Mando Ninja.

H3-4L B07: "Cave in. We gotta go the hard way."

Sunny: is it a new encounter?

Story Teller: yes

Sunny: ok so i /could/ try and yank it out of the air i guess

Story Teller: Encounter: Escape the mother Avka!

H3-4L B07: No

Shi Krem retreats into the sound sponge.

H3-4L B07: "We are not fighting a huge bird monster after everything we've already been through

Story Teller: It would have to get rather close for you to do that. and it gets a bonus for being airborne

Sunny: yeah, but its an /option/

Shi Krem: "I'm not planning on fighting it, merely accounting for all possible scenarios."

H3-4L B07: "My only option is head around the wall back into the cave to do surgery on nadia"

Story Teller: Roll a stealth if you want to head back to the cave without being noticed

only missing SHi

Shi Krem:

Stealth 19

Sunny: not sure if sound sponge bonuses

H3-4L B07: so 19 20 and mando ninja

Sunny: also can FP if needed

Story Teller: Ok. you guys manage to make it back to the cave without the mother noticing you

H3-4L B07: "Ok now it's time for surgery!" Bill lays Nadia down and again preps for surgery

Aela Viszla: "What on earth are you doing??"

H3-4L B07: "My job!"

Aela Viszla:

Stealth 32

(sound sponge penalizes enemy perception)

H3-4L B07: "Also what the hells an earth?"

Nadia shifts uncomfortably on the black soil which is oddly warm. "Guess this is the second time you guys have saved me," she says with tired amusement.

H3-4L B07: "Shush! You can talk when your not going to die."

Treat Injury 36

Nadia: IT's a DC 20.. so don;t think you can fail :)

JT: ok so that take 10 minutes and heals her for con bonus times her level

Aela Viszla: "Yeah. For the record, going off on your own is generally unwise. You get me?"

JT: and removes any persistent conditions

Shi Krem: "Do not make a habit of it. I'll not have you recklessly endangering all of us."

Nadia: You manage to set the fracture and get it properly braced

Shi Krem 's voice is stern and to the point, clearly lacking any warmth it normally holds.

H3-4L B07: "What?! But you deal with me doing that all the time!"

Aela Viszla: "You're a defective droid."

H3-4L B07: "I find that offensive."

"Your a droidist."

Aela Viszla: "I find in you causing caveins offensive. Your a caveist"

H3-4L B07: "Your damn right I am. Screw caves."

Shi Krem "We can easily wipe your memory banks if you continue to cause problems. I can tell you're remarkably advanced and even, sentient for a droid, but do not think that will stop me."

H3-4L B07: "I'd like to see you try."

"I've been through two wars watching jedi die in droves. Don't think that lightsaber makes you invincible." Bill's voice becomes incredibly dark as he continues his work not looking away

Shi Krem: "I hold no illusions of invincibility. A lightsaber is merely a tool. It is the force that empowers us."

H3-4L B07: "Yeah. Well where was your force when the republic fell." Bill says an obvious disgust in his voice

Nadia is stabilized enough to move more safely and at this point has been drugged into a daze vs the concussion induced sleep she was in..

Shi Krem tightens the crease on her eyebrows, her fists clenching for a second as she remains silent. "We need to keep moving."

Aela Viszla: "Alright, thats enough bickering from both of you."

H3-4L B07: "Alright, no way we're getting her through the lava let alone past the cave in. My best guess is carry her up the side of the ravine and back to the ship that way. Then I bring it in for the rescue."

"Unless either of you have a better plan."

Shi Krem: "There may be another path out around the lava."

"We face a giant, angry avian creature if we return to the ravine."

H3-4L B07: "Yeah but if that THING finds our ship and starts tearing it apart we're trapped here... until you all starve and my batteries die."

Shi Krem: "Then it seems we have no choice. I doubt we can sneak Nadia up a sheer cliff in her condition, let alone all of us."

H3-4L B07: "Your right. Think your force can guide us out?" Bill shoulders nadia. His optics appear to be darker than normal

Sunny: to what extent can you influence the mind of a non-sentient creature?

like can i convince it to the extent to, say... fly us out of the ravine?

or at the very least not pay us mind as we scale the side

Aela Viszla: (Nicely said =) )

JT: or just put it to sleep and we do the I bring the ship to pick you all up plan?

Sunny: if that falls under the suggestion umbrella, then I guess

i can also just make it flat out flee at top speed for 1 minute, giving us 2 minutes to scale the cliff and get in the shuttle

H3-4L B07: I can move at a speed of 4 up the side of the cliff But I don't think I can carry us all up at that speed

Aela Viszla: (Aela is trained in climb)

Sunny: my utility belt has liquid cable and grappling hook so that should make the DC relatively low, right?

Story Teller: it would be

H3-4L B07: Hmmm. Yeah depends how fast you guys can climb. I can carry nadia because she's in no condition to climb

and DC five

climb with rope and a wall to brace against

and at a -5 your can move your full speed

Sunny: not bat at all really

H3-4L B07: and as long as your not threatened you could take 10

Sunny: sounds like a plan, then

JT: so I run up with nadia and a rope attached to me, and then anchor the rope so you guys can climb up

H3-4L B07: or just hold the rope, depends on how much you two weigh

hate to ask but how much do you girls weigh

Sunny: I was just gonna levitate my grappling hook to the top and climb up myself.

Alicia G (GM): don't forget equipment :P

H3-4L B07: also assume that last post was in character

Sunny: unless i dont have enough liquid cable

Story Teller: 15m hmm

H3-4L B07: ten squares

how high are the ravine walls

Story Teller: 8m

what a time for me to roll low :)

Sunny: looool

Story Teller: All of you make a stealth check

H3-4L B07: "So I could attempt to sneak up the side with nadia while you levitate up the grappling hook. You make the bird flee. then you and aela quick climb and we book it to the ship."

Stealth 25

Shi Krem:

Stealth 24

Story Teller sends secret roll

Aela Viszla: (LOL I love this plan! I have got to sleep though. In the real world.)

Story Teller: Make your roll.. not much more tonight. but I can at least finalize some things

Shi Krem:

Mind Trick [Mind-Affecting]

Use the Force v. Will Def

Use the Force 32

Note 1. create an hallucination to use Stealth even if aware; 2. perform a feint so that target loses Ref to Def next attack; 3. make an unpalatable suggestion; 4. fill target with terror to flee at top speed 1 minute, stops fleeing if wounded, not if higher level

Force Point to improve attitude one step + one step per 5 over check

Story Teller: Aela needed to roll Stealth

Sunny: oh

well thats for when the bird inevitably sees us.

JT: don't be so defeatist

Sunny: i figured a relatively small ravine like that would mean it'd be almost impossible /not/ to see us, what with no cover

Aela Viszla:

Stealth 38

JT: their was foliage

The Avka mother is apparently off looking somewhere else for the destroyers of her young as the team is able to scale the wall unmolested and make it back to the ship. Off in the distance however, the screeching cries of the mother can be heard.

Shi Krem: "Let's not stick around to find out just how angry it is."

H3-4L B07: "Right. Punch it AELA!"

Aela Viszla hits the fast takeoffs button.

As the ship powers up, the proximity sensors blare as the mother comes into range. Will the team make it away before the enraged mother avka catches up? Find out next time.