Star Wars: Forgotten Ones
GM AliciaG
Era Rebellion
Start Date 10 Nov 2014

Last time on Forgotten Ones....

Returning to the ship after recovering Nadia from the inhospitable embrace of the planet Durace, the team now finds themselves being pursued by an enraged mother Avka.

Story Teller: Who is pilotting?

H3-4L B07: I guess me

Alicia G (GM): Our first EVER vehicle combat whoohoo

Sunny: doesnt aela have the best piloting?

you could just roll for her

Story Teller: ok.. go ahead and roll Init or Pilotting. whichever is higher

you can have Aela pilot too.. I can roll for her

I just want to know who is at the wheel

H3-4L B07: I guess aela since i think I'm the only one trained in heavy weapons

Sunny: it would leave the two people actually here able to actually act in ways besides piloting the ship

H3-4L B07:

Initiative 30

Shi Krem:

Rolling for Turn Order 33.2

Alicia G (GM): hmm... her piltting is off

Story Teller: hold rolling init

only one person rolls in ship combat

and that's who is pilotting

Sunny: ah ok

Story Teller:

Rolling for Turn Order 23.22

Rolling for Turn Order 18.08

Shi Krem: "Bill, you're trained to use the turrets on this thing right?"

Aela Viszla: "Hold on!" she says gunning the engines

H3-4L B07: Yes'm

H3-4L B07 fall over not being strapped in. "Dang it women warn me when you do that."

Shi Krem: "Right, you can mount the guns and I'll man the sensor array to try and provide you updated targeting info."

"If all else fails, I have one really foolish idea I can try as a last ditch effort."

H3-4L B07: "Lets hold off on that."

H3-4L B07 scrambles to the guns

Shi Krem likewise scrambles into I guess the copilot's seat to work the sensors.

Aela Viszla: sorry.. I'm trying to figure out what's going on with Aela's pilot check...

I guess nothing...

I forget she has an insanely high Dex

H3-4L B07: mines 18

Shi Krem: [higher than 20? cause thats mine]

Aela Viszla:

Pilot 15

Aela in Atin Oya'ka

Aela Viszla tries to increase the ships speed, but the engines protest

Story Teller: H3 will be at the turret for next round

anything you'd like to attempt at the sensors Shi?

Sunny: well it was to aid another bill on his gunning

Story Teller: The obvious choice is to aid JT when he gets to the turret. but that will have to wait till next round

moving on then


The Previous turn is done.

The next turn has begun!

Story Teller: Avka continues her pursuit, catching up she attacks the ship


Attack: 29

Damage: 63


DiceBot: Atin Oya'ka lost 48 hit points.


Round 2

The Previous turn is done.

The next turn has begun!


Aela Viszla keeps the ship moving

Shi Krem: "That was one helluva hit! Lets try not to do that again!"

H3-4L B07: "Ya Ya I'm doin' it!"

JT: so what am I rolling

Aela Viszla: Quad laser is going to be more effectiv e than Ion.. you're going to want to roll the one marked "firelinked" in the notes. Make sure to put your bab in the first attack box

Story Teller: The weapons are designed to be split up in the event there's multiple gunners

Sunny: and i think to aid another i need to succeed on an attack roll vs reflex 10?

H3-4L B07: use comp if your using sensors

Story Teller: Use COmputer check, yes

Shi Krem:

Use Computer 14

Story Teller: H3 gets a +2 to attack

H3-4L B07: question can i shoot in a manner to try and get the avka to just back off and not try to kill it

Shi Krem quickly taps away at the interface in the copilot's seat, routing target leading calculations to Bill's gun.

Story Teller: you can take a -5 penalty like always to try for non fatal blow

H3-4L B07: k then so -3

Quad Blaster Cannons, heavy


Attack: 24

Damage: 70

DiceBot: Avka Mother lost 70 hit points.

H3-4L B07: "Punch it AELA!"

Story Teller: She'll try increasing the speed once more

Pilot 15

Aela in Atin Oya'ka

and another CT hit...


The Previous turn is done.

The next turn has begun!

Story Teller: Avka catches up again and attacks


Attack: 22

Damage: 67


DiceBot: Atin Oya'ka lost 52 hit points.

H3-4L B07: uhhh

are you forgetting the shields

Story Teller: no one activated them

H3-4L B07: we've had em activated since we hit atmo

Sunny: is it not assumed theyre like, on when we start the ship

yeah we had to turn them on to get through the atmosphere anyway

DiceBot: Atin Oya'ka gained 30 hit points.

DiceBot: Atin Oya'ka gained 25 hit points.

H3-4L B07: I thought we left them on incase of acid rain

Story Teller: shields are down to 20


Round 3

The Previous turn is done.

The next turn has begun!


Sunny: so if im clear the shields work by absorbing the shield value in damage every time we get hit, and degrade by 5 a round?

H3-4L B07: only if the damage is over the current sr

Story Teller: that's correct. the systems operator can recharge them with a DC20 Mechanics

H3-4L B07: which we don't have

Story Teller: I'l allow SHi Krem to do both

Sunny: so the position im in counts as copilot and system operator. mmkay

H3-4L B07: both possitions can be on most ships

Story Teller: Recharge Shields is a lot like Recover.. 3 swifts which can be split into consecutive turns


The Previous turn is done.

The next turn has begun!

The Previous turn is done.

The next turn has begun!


H3-4L B07: it's only the engineer and gunners that can't really be routed through the bridge

Sunny: so i can spend my standard aiding his gunning, and two swifts towards shield recharging

Story Teller: actions?

2/3 swifts yes.

and next turn you'll make your Mechanics to see if the shields recharge by 5

Shi Krem starts typing on different interfaces with each hand, the left continuing to route targeting data to Bill, the right focused on rerouting power around to the shields.

Shi Krem:

Use Computer 23

H3-4L B07:

Quad Blaster Cannons, heavy


Attack: 7

Damage: 84

ohh fuck

Story Teller: at least it wasn't a 1

H3's shot goes wide, even with the extra sensory data

H3-4L B07: "Karking piece of scrap!"


The Previous turn is done.

The next turn has begun!

Shi Krem: "Stop squandering my targeting data!"

H3-4L B07: "Don't you start!"

Story Teller: The Avka claws at the ship as it dodges out of the way.


Attack: 23

Damage: 63


DiceBot: Atin Oya'ka lost 28 hit points.

H3-4L B07: wait that doesn't hit us does it?

the shuttles Reflex is 25?

Story Teller: Reflex is 13 right now

Sunny: it should be 15, taking into the -10 size

Story Teller: -2 steps on CT

H3-4L B07: no we're down CT

Sunny: ah yeah ok

i thought the threshold was 74?

H3-4L B07: no from aela's crappy piloting

Story Teller: it's from Aela's attempts to speed up

Sunny: oh every fuckup sends us down?

Story Teller: ya.. the DC is 20 for that.. I've been tempted to spend her FPs


Round 4

The Previous turn is done.

The next turn has begun!


Story Teller:

Force Point 5

Force Point 5


JT: help aela this round

Story Teller: and they would've helped too

Sunny: why not have her use fullround all out movement, maybe we can outrun it

quadruple speed

and it doesnt take a check

Story Teller: you can, but if you wanted to attack then you can't, and you take a penalty to defense

Mikal Rahl: (To GM) rolling 1d20+13




= 20

Mikal Rahl: Vs DC 15. If success, allies get +1d6 to all damage for one round.

Sorry. Macros.

Sunny: well what we're doing now isn't sustainable so id say either try for all out to outrun it, or fighting defensively without attacking to add +10 to our ref

JT: just help aela with her pilot and do the shields this round

Story Teller: can;t fight defensively in ship scale

or you can nm

H3-4L B07: I can shoot defensively but I'm not going to

Story Teller: What;s your action Shi? finishing the recharge action (roll Mechanics) and?

Sunny: im thinking

if we go all out

chances are the bird needs to go all out to keep pace with us, meaning it cant attack either

and will probably lose interest eventually

JT: we don't know the avka's speed and it may be able to move charge and shred us

Sunny: but theres the chance its way faster than us and that leaves us more vulnerable

so the other option is fighting defensively for a +5 ref or +10 if you dont shoot

H3-4L B07: "Focus and the shields and the controls. I've got this... trust me."

Story Teller: here';s a hint./. Aela has been full moving for 6sq...

the creature has been keeping pace and still able to attack

Shi Krem: "...alright. Aela, I'm sending route data to you, try and shake this thing off our tail."

Use Computer 7

Mechanics 14

Sunny: both fail, and im at 1/3 for the next shield recharge attempt

Story Teller: you needed a DC 20 Mechanics.. want to use your reroll?

H3-4L B07: also the copilot roll is piloting not comp

Sunny: oh is it?

Story Teller: not necesarily

H3-4L B07: oh ok my bad

Story Teller: she described it as routing data which would have been the correct roll at that point

Sunny: ah, it specifies the same skill youre trying to assist with

Story Teller: rerolling the Mechanics Sunny?

meh.. just roll with it :)

Sunny: can i still add FP to the mechanics if i reroll it

Story Teller: yes

Shi Krem:

Mechanics 21

Story Teller: but if it isn't a better roll you get it back

Sunny: woo!

Story Teller: back up to 20


Shi Krem: "Bill, I rerouted all that power you were using for cryptocurrency mining to the shields. I hope you don't mind."

H3-4L B07 resights the cannons. "I tried... I'm sorry"

H3-4L B07: Destiny point

Story Teller: really? are you sure?

H3-4L B07: yes

Sunny: oh shit

Story Teller: roll damage....

H3-4L B07: rolling 8d10*2


















= 62

Sunny: dem 1's

Story Teller: 130 damage

The lasers hit the Avka and there's a great deal of smoke. When it clears... there's nothing there.


The Previous turn is done.

The next turn has begun!

Round 5

Round 6

H3-4L B07 quickly rushes from guns to the cockpit

Shi Krem: "Sensors read the all clear. I dunno where you pulled that from, Bill, but good job."

H3-4L B07: "I wasn't shooting to kill before."

JT: also brb I gotta check on dinner real quick

H3-4L B07: but h3 is rushing to the cockpit

Shi Krem takes a deep breath, glad to finally have time to rest.

Shi Krem leans back in the chair, stretching her arms above her head.

H3-4L B07: back

Aela Viszla gets the ship out of the atmosphere and starts veering away from the planet.

Story Teller: Perceptions in the cockpit please

H3-4L B07 comes rushing in darting to the nav com typing furiously

Shi Krem:

Perception 29

H3-4L B07: and is ignoring whatever he should be noticing

Story Teller: you can roll the UC for astrogation or take 10.. doesn't matter which

H3-4L B07: nope Im rolling to do it in one round

Shi Krem immediately sits up from her seat, not even having the time to rest for her CT recovery. She extends her senses down to the cargo hold as she bolts out of the chair, double moving all the way there.

H3-4L B07:

Use Computer 16

Shi Krem slides her lightsaber down into her hand as she's in the cargo lift.

Story Teller: 10 days since you can't seem to navigate the way with the newly discovered hyperspace lane

H3-4L B07: thats fine I was trying to jump fast before any imps pick us up

Shi Krem readies herself for whatever is in the cargo hold, still trying to determine its nature through her force sense as the cargo lift takes an agonizingly long time.

Story Teller: sec JT

H3-4L B07 retires to the medical bay to tend to nadia since he doesn't know what Shi is worried about

Story Teller: The ship does jump into hyperspace and when you look around you see that Shi and Aela have both left the cockpit

H3-4L B07: Well I have doctoring to do

Story Teller: so I'm not repeating whispers...

The cargo lift lowers, with the Kel Dor Jedi at the ready wielding her double bladed lightsaber already in hand...

Mikal roll your stealth and Shi a Perception

Shi Krem hasn't ignited it yet.

Mikal Rahl:

Stealth 24

Sunny: does my force sense have any impact on detecting stealth since i ignore concealment?

Story Teller: I'll calculate that.. but you need to roll UtF with your perception

Mikal Rahl: Can I oppose with UtF?

Sunny: isnt my UtF high enough to auto succeed?

Story Teller: she's just using it to heighten her perceptions, not seek you out as a FS

Mikal Rahl: H


Story Teller: what's your bonus?

Sunny: +16

Story Teller: need 15 for partial and 20 for total

Sunny: ah ok

Shi Krem:

Use the Force 33

Perception 21

Sunny: i still have this temporary FP card if i need to use it

H3-4L B07: no that's me

Mikal Rahl: I mean, I don't have a problem conceding the check to move the story.

H3-4L B07: you had a reroll which you used

Sunny: oh

Shi Krem furrows her brow. She comms in, "Its possible we have something hitching a ride, be on alert."

Mikal Rahl: I'm not even being overly cautious as is. Probably would give me a negative penalty.

Shi Krem raises her voice. "If there is someone out there, reveal yourself immediately, if you make me search you out, you will not like the consequences that follow."

H3-4L B07: "Have fun with your phantoms I'm gonna focus on Nadia's recover" Bill coms back

Mikal Rahl: Okay.... NOW I would be careful as hell.

I stealthily sneek a peek.

Stealth 29

Sunny: another perception?

Mikal Rahl:

Perception 21

Sunny: no for me you donut

Mikal Rahl: Oh lol trust me, concede the check. It'll save you time.

Do I at least see the unlit lightsaber?

Shi Krem:

Use the Force 30

Perception 15

Sunny: fart noise

JT: lol wtf sunny

Sunny: its not like shes trying to hide it, and it is a double bladed hilt

Story Teller: WHY do you STILL have that CT penalty girl?

Mikal Rahl: oh good. thats all i needed.

Sunny: because i havent had a god damn second of rest

Mikal Rahl: Okay, if I see the saber, can I go ahead and intro?

Story Teller: You had a full 10 minutes to rest back on the planet

Sunny: what when

Story Teller: when H3 was doing surgery on Nadia in the cave.. you and Aela got pissy to him about it

Sunny: whatev it dont matter anyways its a -1 so lets just continue, itll be gone soon

Mikal Rahl suddenly rises up from behind some crates. A young Human male in his late twenties, he has dirty blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and a stale rations bar stuck halfway in his mouth. He wears a blood-red outfit with royal blue lining on the upturned collar. He looks at you in surprise and gulps hard, the stale rations bar stuck in his mouth. "Oh.... hi!" he manages to choke out around the crunchy snack. His eyes are transfixed on your lightsaber. "You're a Jedi!?!"

Mikal Rahl: Feel free to facepalm.

H3-4L B07:

Knowledge (Life Sciences) 36


Shi Krem instantly turns her head to stare directly at him, closing the distance between them in at instant and igniting her saber in one swift motion, pointing the blade directly at him unwaveringly. "Make any moves and it shall be your last. Who are you and how the krek did you get aboard this ship?"

Mikal Rahl immediately raises his hand. "Whoa whoa whoa, sister, same team!" He shouts nervously. "It's okay, I'm not gonna turn you in."

Mikal Rahl glances down at the blade. "What say we not talk with an energy blade in my jugular, eh? Stowaways have rights too."

Shi Krem: "Words are one thing. I want you to tell me your true intentions." Her voice is ragged, with a hard edge in it brought on by her state of exhaustion.

JT: no they don't

Shi Krem: "Tell me who you are and why you are aboard this ship."

Mind Trick [Mind-Affecting]

Use the Force v. Will Def

Use the Force 21

Note 1. create an hallucination to use Stealth even if aware; 2. perform a feint so that target loses Ref to Def next attack; 3. make an unpalatable suggestion; 4. fill target with terror to flee at top speed 1 minute, stops fleeing if wounded, not if higher level

Force Point to improve attitude one step + one step per 5 over check

Sunny: :33

Mikal Rahl: So you....?

and vs my...?

oh. will.

Will 22.

Sunny: option 3, btw

Shi Krem spends a force point.

Shi Krem:

Force Point 6

H3-4L B07: I'm gonna brb

Story Teller: alright so... since we're doing this against a PC... Mikal gets to interpret the suggestion however he wants

Mikal Rahl feels a bit fuzzy. "Mikal Rahl of Alderaan... needed a ride... crashed my ship....Starving.... no other options..."

Sunny: sorry for the probably overkill, shi's a bit tired and ill tempered at the moment

Mikal Rahl: It works.

Shi Krem: "Her blade lowers an inch. "Do you have any allegiance towards the Empire?"

Sunny: that was a normal question

Mikal Rahl shakes it off. "Hey!" He shouts angrily. "None of that crap!" I open myself to the Force, allowing her to sense my motives. "Do I FEEL like an Imp lover?" He allows his pain, fear, and determination become almost tangible to her.

Mikal Rahl:

Use the Force 29

Like a reverse Sense Motive check.

Display Motive lol

Alicia G (GM): Telepathy FTW

Mikal Rahl: YES. That.

If I can pick and choose a couple images/emotions... Stormtroopers holding a baby boy.... an ice blue energy blade in my hand... fear for someone other than myself as TIE fighters scream through the air above me...

Shi Krem lets out her breath, the blade shutting off as she twirls it around back into its holster. "You do not." Her posture seems to relax a bit as she takes a step back to give him some space. "Sorry for the ah... you know. I'm a bit on edge and more than a bit tired."

JT: back

Mikal Rahl shrugs. "Strange man on a strange ship filled with strange people in a strange system on a strange world.... I'd say 'edge' is putting it mildly."

Mikal Rahl clears his throat. "Sooo..... airlock then?"

Alicia G (GM): wb

Mikal Rahl: ?

H3-4L B07: with my medical kit yes

Shi Krem: "It is a pleasure to meet you Mikal, you may call me Shi Krem." She turns. "Let me lead you up to the crew quarters and introduce you to the rest of the crew." As she walks she comms. "Target identified, non-hostile currently. I'm bringing him up to you guys."

Shi Krem stands to the side of the lift, making room for him to join her.

Mikal Rahl shuffles next to her.

Shi Krem: "Hmm, it seems I'm the only one free at the moment."

Mikal Rahl winces at the lift starts, He pulls his jacket back to reveal a burn wound on his arm. He blows on it gently.

Mikal Rahl: "Karking planet."

Shi Krem: "Well in any case you have Aela Viszla, our resident Mandalorian with a penchant for blasting."

"H3, or as everyone calls him Bill, the resident medic slash droid slash wisecracker."

"And currently wounded and being tended to by Bill is Nadia, who's a kind of untrained Jedi and also the daughter of one of my old friends so I guess I could possibly be her godmother?"

Mikal Rahl looks at you with a raised eyebrow.

Alicia G (GM): hehe that's an interesting idea

Mikal Rahl: "Well... it's just a freakin' space opera in here isn't it?"


Shi Krem: "That's pretty much the entire motley crew, yeah. I'm sure they'll all introduce themselves to you eventually."

Alicia G (GM): a god daughter who happens to be about your age!

Sunny: yay time shenanigans!

Shi Krem takes a seat in the biggest comfiest seat at the end of the table. gesturing for Mikal to join her.

Mikal Rahl sits nearby. "So.... pirates? Treasure hunters? Caf salesman?" He sounds almost hopeful at the last.

Shi Krem hmms to herself a bit, intertwining her hands and resting her elbows on the table.


H3-4L B07 walks out of med bay towards the cockpit singing horribly

H3-4L B07: "Kor-ah, Mah-tah, Kor-ah, Rah-tah-mah.

Kor-ah, Rah-tah-mah. Yood-hah, Kor-ah."

Mikal Rahl motions to the pistol on his hip. "Should I...?" He motions tossing the weapon on the table.

Shi Krem: "Ah, there's Bill now." She turns her eyes towards him. "How is Nadia doing?"

H3-4L B07 just keeps singing as he meanders into the cockpit rather disconected from his suroundings lost in his haunting melody

H3-4L B07: "Kor-ah, Syahd-ho. Rah-tah-mah, Daan-yah. Kor-ah, Kee-lah, Daan-yah.

Nyo-hah, Kee-lah, Kor-ah, Rah-tah-mah. Syahd-ho, Kee-la, Kor-ah, Rah-tah-mah.

Kor-ah, Daa-nyah. Kor-ah, Rah-tah-mah."

Shi Krem: "I guess she's doing fine if he's left the Medbay." She turns back to Mikal. "To address your question, I'm not too sure myself. So far all we've really done is rabble rouse. I'd say mercenaries is where we're at right now."

Mikal Rahl purses his lips. "Ah." He blows a raspberry. "Welp, I'm looking to not get blasted or cut up by anyone fighting the Empire, so..... how about I pay my way for now and you guys don't kill me?"

Mikal Rahl: (How this might go with meeting everyone)

Sunny: pfffft

Mikal Rahl: Gotta find my clicker.

Sunny: i call being Blue

JT: haven't seen it

Shi Krem: "We won't kill you, and payment sounds fine. I believe we're currently heading back to Cloud City."

H3-4L B07: Bill shouts from the cockpit. "Hey Shi Krem. Who's the guy?!"

Shi Krem: "Oh, decided to rejoin the material plane did you? Come out here and introduce yourself properly!"

H3-4L B07: "Trying to make sure we don't accidentaly fly into a sun!"

Mikal Rahl raises a hand. "I might be able to help with that."

H3-4L B07: "Also Nadia was trying to give me a heart attack!"

Shi Krem rolls her eyes. "You don't have a heart."

H3-4L B07: "Again with the droid bigotry seriously what is your deal?!"

Shi Krem: "I meant literally!"

Shi Krem sighs as she gets up to enter the cockpit so she doesn't have to keep shouting through a bulkhead.

H3-4L B07: "Well literally speaking I have hundreds of hearts. Just none of them with me!"

Mikal Rahl glances around the room.

Mikal Rahl: Are there any computers?

Shi Krem left the door open as sort of an unspoken invitation for Mikal to follow.

H3-4L B07: "Yo mysterious voice get in here."

Mikal Rahl follows but still checks the room.

Mikal Rahl pokes his head in. "I come in peace."

H3-4L B07: "Yeah so have a lot of rulers I've helped overthrow."

Story Teller: There's the holochess table

Mikal Rahl: Okay.

Alicia G (GM): sorry dogs are being demanding

Mikal Rahl: "Well then...." He glances around awkwardly. "Cool." He check out Bill.

Knowledge (Galactic Lore) 15

Do I know anything of his model?

Sunny: you have the faint feeling he could possibly be a droid.

H3-4L B07: You see a figure in ancient looking light battle armor. Over those are ragged clothes... like you'd see on a vagrant

Story Teller: would be a Technology check to figure out anything other than the fact he is indeed a droid

Mikal Rahl: Okay. Basically, I'm just trying to see if he is a combat, protocol, or medial model.

H3-4L B07: Removing his helmet and lowering his hood the frame of his "face" is rather beat up with one of his optical sensors having a bandage over it.

Story Teller: He's not of any sort of model you're familiar with, but his chassis I believe is more inline of the protocol standard look

Mikal Rahl jerks. "Whoa."

Story Teller: (bipedal, humanoid shaped)

Mikal Rahl leans in closer. "Jeez.... seen the wrong side of a hammer, bud?"

JT: you could also ask what he is

Mikal Rahl: Yeah but I'd rather just find out.

Plus, I don't want to be rude. Intentionally, anyway.

H3-4L B07: "Nope, two major wars, the G0-T0 rebellion, a hundred smaller wars and almost 4 thousand years in stasis."

Shi Krem: "And he still doesn't look a day over 400."

Mikal Rahl looks surprised.

H3-4L B07: "Well I was only operational for about 300 years before my stasis."

Shi Krem used the most sarcastic tone in the history of the galaxy, han solo cant even top this shit.

H3-4L B07: completely ignoring your sarcasm

Shi Krem: "Hah, exactly."

Mikal Rahl: "Okay, okay... I can understand the droid being old and such..." He rounds on Shi. "....but what the kriffin hell are YOU doing alive? The Jedi are supposed to be extinct."

Mikal Rahl quickly corrects himself.

H3-4L B07: "Don't believe every bit of propaganda you hear kid."

Mikal Rahl: "ARE extinct."

Shi Krem shrugs. "I'm a rare sighting, like a Krayt Dragon."

Mikal Rahl narrows his eyes.

Shi Krem: "But in all seriousness what the Empire says and what's true are two different things."

H3-4L B07: "That's true of any government."

Mikal Rahl: "I watched the academy on Alderaan razed to the ground." He starts slowly. "All those Jedi died, everywhere. Where have you BEEN?" You can feel a little bit of resentment coming through.

Shi Krem: "Ain't that the question everyone want's to know?" Her tone is slightly bitter. "I /was/ in the heat of the Clone Wars until a few weeks ago."

Mikal Rahl stops mid sentence.


Mikal Rahl: ....


H3-4L B07: "Sorry, I didn't mean to snap like that."

Mikal Rahl: "The Clone Wars ended (insert amount) years ago. You lie."

Shi Krem: "I'm not entirely sure myself. But everyone aboard this ship, with the exception of Nadia, seems to be temporally displaced."

"Hell, Aela's from the Mandolorian Wars, and Bill's not too far off from that time either."

Alicia G (GM): about 15/16 years we've established

JT: this is as good a time as any to mention bills vocabulator makes him sound like an old human man."

Mikal Rahl takes it all in.

Mikal Rahl: "Okay."

H3-4L B07: "Built before. served in, stasis after."

Mikal Rahl: He obviously doesn't believe you, but is not in a position to argue.

H3-4L B07: "Shi... something I've been meaning to say."

Shi Krem: "Imagine the shock when I wake up one day to find out we lost the war and I lost my entire way of life and everyone I called my brother and sister."

H3-4L B07: "I think your part of this experiment we're in."

"Whoever displace, Aela, me and the other two we awoke with is probably behind your displacement as well."

Mikal Rahl cocks an eyebrow.

Shi Krem: "I wouldn't doubt it."

"When were these other two displaced from? And where are they now? This is the first I've heard of them."

Mikal Rahl: "Ohhhhh no, sir. You people are the only one lost in this delusion."

"I was born and raised on Alderaan during the Clone Wars. I have lived every moment of every day until now."

H3-4L B07 turns slowly towards Mikal."I wasn't talking to you now was I."

Mikal Rahl mutters, "Friggin droids. EYE CONTACT."

Shi Krem: "So it looks like the kid's not a part of this... experiment or whatever. That's a little odd but nothing groundbreaking."

Mikal Rahl leaves the cockpit to sit at the holochess table.

Mikal Rahl idly listens to their conversation.

H3-4L B07: "I've seen and done things you'd think impossible. I've saved hundreds of thousands over nearly three centuries and killed or at least doomed just as many. And I have no idea who's doing this or how this has happened."

Shi Krem: "Wonderful. Looks like we have our work cut out for us finding who did this so they can reverse it."

Alicia G (GM): who are you referring to as kid?

Sunny: mikal

Alicia G (GM): kk

H3-4L B07: Well everyone's a kid to a 300 year old droid

"I don't pretend to understand how you feel Shi. Your friends, your 'family' was wiped out by the soldiers you led and trusted."

Shi Krem nods. "Normally I'd say that there's no point in dwelling on the past, but I think there's a very real chance for us to return to the past, which we all seem to be from."

H3-4L B07: "What makes you think we can return?"

"And why would you want to?"

Shi Krem: "Realistically, I don't think we can, but there is the remote possibility we can, considering the fact we were sent forward in time. Which is better than usual where time travel is 100% impossible."

"And isn't it obvious? To change things."

H3-4L B07: "Your grasp of our situation is worrying."

Alicia G (GM): is being trapped in stasis a qualifier for being sent forward?

Mikal Rahl: Nerp.

Sunny: we were sent forward in time at the rate of 1 second per second

H3-4L B07: "Aela awoke some kind of advanced stasis pod, and I was just reactivated after an extended period of being offlne but still maintained."

Shi Krem: "A stasis pod? So for over what, four milennia it kept her from aging?"

H3-4L B07: "And all you would change is your status from missing to dead."

"Perhaps. The ship was built recently. If she was in there the whole time then it was transferred into it."

Story Teller: Perception please

H3-4L B07: "We should ask eve when we get back if the pods were installed from offsite?"

Perception 16

Shi Krem: "There's no stasis technology that advanced that I know of."

Perception 23

H3-4L B07: "I've seen it before. I used similar technology when watchu approached 120 years old."

Story Teller: Mikal....

Shi Krem: "So then it's very possible we were simply in stasis, instead of actually displaced in time?"

H3-4L B07: "I just hope charles is really dead."

"And yes it's so possible It's exactly what happened."

Shi Krem: "Right... I guess it was silly to hope I could go back and stop the Empire from ever rising to power in the first place."

H3-4L B07: "If every other jedi that fell couldn't stop it then what would you have done?"

Shi Krem: "I'd know about Palpatine. I'd warn the High Council."

Alicia G (GM): that was random... refresh?

JT: I missclicked

Mikal Rahl:

Perception 23

Mikal Rahl perks up.

JT: "Could they have stopped him? He had near absolute control of the republic. And it was his attempted arrest that led to the jedi being marked as attempting a coup."

Mikal Rahl: "What about him?"

Mikal Rahl looks behind him, down the hallway. "I think someone broke themselves."

Shi Krem: "They didn't /know/ for sure that he was the Sith behind this all, though. They could at least warn the Jedi... so that when the order came down they would at least be prepared for the clones to turn on them, they could at least have a fighting chance."

Mikal Rahl overhears this and laughs as he walks away. "Riiiiiight. Old Pappy is a Sith.... sure..." He walks down the hallway.

JT: "And what then. You'd be hiding in the shadows, constantly on the run from an intractable enemy."

"No, this is just like the jedi civil war except the jedi are even more dead now than they were then."

Shi Krem: "I'd rather live a life on the run alongside my brethren than a life on the run in solitude."

Mikal Rahl: Keep in mind that outside of a few select high ranking officials, a few dead Jedi, and Obi-Wan/Yoda, that no one really knows that he is a Sith. At least my guy wouldn't know.

no one in our timeline

my timeline*

Sunny: didnt obiwan send out that encoded, repeating message warning jedi to go into hiding?

JT: yes but we pieced it together based on the info eve gave us.

Sunny: that too

JT: and that was after you were in stasis

and that was on frequencies that only the jedi used and it was quickly silenced by the empire

Mikal Rahl: yeah but i doubt it said, "PAPPY'S A SITH, RUN!"

Sunny: ah, ok

JT: it did not

Mikal Rahl cocks his head. "Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy...."

Shi Krem looks up, quickly walking out of the cockpit towards the medbay. "Nadia's awake, come on."

Mikal Rahl: "But do you need some help?"

JT: "I'll be here."

Nadia looks up as she realizes someone is at the door, prepared for Bill she looks surprised when she sees a stranger. "Who the bloody hell are you?"

JT: is nadia british now?

Shi Krem: "Nadia, meet the stowaway Alderaanian."

Mikal Rahl waves off the question. "A friend. Shi's grilled me."

Mikal Rahl pauses.

Mikal Rahl: "Ha. She's grilled me."

"Shi... she.... this is gong to be a problem."

Shi Krem gives him a hard look.

Mikal Rahl snaps out of the word play. "Right. Arm?" He offers Nadia an extended arm for balance.

Nadia: "Stowaway?" she grimaces as she gives up trying to put weight on her injured leg and sits back on the medbed. "Interesting name." she jests.

Shi Krem: "I know right? I didn't care for it much myself. He kept insisting his name was Mikal, though."

Shi Krem slips past him to join Nadia at the side of the bed.

Mikal Rahl me puts his arm down.

Mikal Rahl: "Right, so the rundown. Stowaway after crash-landing on your friendly neighborhood wild planet, don't want to be near Imperials, will pay for food and board. I like Jedi, caf, and long walks on the beach. Any questions?"

Nadia turns and looks up at Mikal. Without missing a beat asks, "Do you sing?"

Shi Krem snrks a bit, trying to suppress her snicker.

Mikal Rahl smiles.

Mikal Rahl: "Like a TIE fighter in low atmosphere."

Shi Krem cracks and lets out a chuckle.

Nadia grins "Ah.. then we won't harmonize very well"

Mikal Rahl holds his hands up in mock concern.

Mikal Rahl: "Hey, hey I harmonize just fine but I'm married."

Mikal Rahl shrugs.

Mikal Rahl: "You'll find a guy someday. Kid."

Nadia shrugs as well and looks at Shi. "Thanks for coming after me. How'd you find me anyways?"

Shi Krem: "A combination of your astromech's distress signal and me tearing the Force in twain searching for you."

Nadia seems surprised. :You were able to find me from Bespin?"

Shi Krem: "We share a... deeper connection. I was able to use it to find you. I'm glad you're safe."

Nadia: "Me too.. I've been in that systems hundreds of times. Course I've never gone near that planet." She frowns as she looks at Mikal. "Can I ask what you were doing out that way? Durace isn't exactly on the way to anything worthwhile."

Mikal Rahl: "Botched a hyperspace jump."

Shi Krem turns to him, curious as well.

Mikal Rahl: "Hard to do with an Imperial patrol on your back."

Shi Krem: "You're lucky you didn't end up as fuel for a star."

Mikal Rahl: "Nope, wound up on a ship full of time-traveling mercenaries."

"Way better."

Nadia: "You haven't seen much yet, actually." She grimaces again as she shifts her weight.

Shi Krem: "I'll say, he still hasn't met Aela."

Mikal Rahl: "Who?"

Nadia: "My sister in arms..."

"Gun totting Mandalorian.. Recommend you not piss her off."

Shi Krem: "She's pretty much a one woman battle tank."

Nadia nods agreeably

Nadia: "Where's Bill?" she asks realizing he hadn't made an appearance.

Mikal Rahl: "Recommend I don't piss her off... You don't know me very well."

Shi Krem: "Cockpit, he says he's worried about us crashing into a star. He was acting a bit strange earlier so I didn't really mention that he already calculated the hyperspace route and that there aren't any stars along it."

"And also that hyperspace drives have built in failsafes nowadays to prevent such a thing."

Nadia: "You'd be surprised at some of the crazy routes I've seen navigators use."

Alicia G (GM): BTW this was all I had planned for today. As I wanted to see if things with Poison would resolve themselves for next week so she can be involved in the next stage. We can skip to arriving on Bespin when done here or cal it a night. Either way I don't plan on moving things too much farther tonight

doesn't mean there can't be RP though

Sunny: im actually pretty tired from all the work ive been doing so i'd like to call it a night

JT: kk then

Mikal Rahl: I'm good to call it,.

[Scene zooms out to the speeding stars around the Atin Oya'ka as it traverses hyperspace towards Bespin. With ten days before arrival, the team have plenty of time to get used to their new member and for Nadia to recuperate from her ordeal. What news has Ghurn Skirata have from his contact?

Find out Next time!

Side Session - Shi Krem Edit

Story Teller: It's been a few days since Nadia's rescue with a long trip back, she's been making good use of the time to recuperate. Shi Krem can find her in the cargo hold, where she's putting her still mending leg through its paces. She's taken the brace off and is currently practicing lightsaber Katas. Taking her time with each of the stances

Shi Krem is sitting on a crate off to the side, watching her intently as she practices. She's been a bit quieter than usual, but nothing too out of the ordinary.

Nadia holds a more difficult stance as it stretches out the leg. Apparently having enough she ends the kata and turns of the silver bladed saber that was her mother's. With the back of her hand she wipes up the sweat which threatened to drip into her eyes.

Shi Krem: "How're you feeling? You were pretty banged up when we found you, and it's not like we have a full bacta tank to submerge you in."

Nadia shrugs. "Better, still not a 100%." She smiles peevishly. "It's amazing how I was only on that planet for a couple days and it's going to take almost four times as long to recover."

Shi Krem: "Well, you did crash a ship all the way through the atmosphere. Not even a pleasant atmosphere either."

Nadia clips her saber to her belt and sits next to Shi Krem, stretching out her legs in front of her for a moment., "Any landing you can walk away from, as the saying goes."

Nadia: "Speaking of the ship... is it recoverable do you think?"

Shi Krem: "I think there may've been a few unbroken bobbleheads in the cockpit."

Nadia grins. "I really liked that ship. Maybe I c an talk Ghurn into recovering it for me"

Shi Krem: "Maybe, it's not like its going anywhere any time soon. Hopefully the acid rain won't wear it down too bad."

Nadia: "Hopefully," she repeats.

Nadia grows quiet as she thinks about the planet. "Though I think I'd rather not go back there anytime soon."

Shi Krem: "Likewise. Are you sure you're doing ok? I worry about you, y'know."

Nadia laughs. though it seems forced like there's not really any true mirth behind it. "Why are you worrying about me?"

Shi Krem: "I dunno, a misplaced sense of responsibility over you? I've not really put much thought into it, it just feels right, I guess?"

Her tone is a little insecure.

Nadia pats Shi Krem's knee. "I know you're still trying to figure out your place in this time.. but well." she pauses trying to think of how to phrase what she wants to say. "Don't take this the wrong way. I've been on my own for awhile now and things usually work out. You don't have to feel any responsibility for me."

Shi Krem: "I know I don't /have/ to, but I still /do/. Maybe it's some sort of weird feeling of guardianship, what with the relationship I had with your mother. I feel like she'd be happy knowing that I'm watching over her daughter, even if she doesn't need it."

Nadia: Something seems to switch in her head. "I dreamed about her... when I was on the planet. It wasn't anything I recall ever happening, but it seemed so real."

Shi Krem hmms a bit to herself. "It's possible it was a vision. Now that she's one with the force she basically exists on a higher plane, so it's not impossible to think that she sought you out."

Nadia: "I hope it wasn't... it was very sad."

Shi Krem: "Do you mind me asking what it is you saw?"

Nadia considers a moment and then shrugs. "We were hiking up in the mountains of this planet we would go to a lot. She was talking, though I don't remember what about exactly. It was just unusual since we rarely spoke until we got to where we were going. I think it was a history lesson, something she wanted me to know." She pauses.

Nadia: "We're halfway there when our surroundings start to burn, it happens so suddenly I'm not sure what causes it. I can feel the heat on my skin, and I can see Mother looking around. It's the only team I've seen her so afraid. In the distance I can hear people screeming. She turns to me and says. "Fire and blood. That's how it ends."

Shi Krem frowns as she listens, her entire body taking on a more serious posture.

Nadia shakes her head as if it will force the thoughts of the dream from her mind. "My nana told me once that when I was born my mother had a vision of her own. It too was about blood and fire. Though they both believed it was a sign that I shouldn't be taken to the temple to be raised there."

Nadia thinks. "Blood, fire and betrayal... Ya.."

Shi Krem: "Sounds like that vision was spot on..."

Nadia nods, "I hope I was just putting together bits of memories... if it was a vision it was just too weird."

Shi Krem: "Perhaps she's trying to warn you of another similar event. Perhaps it's also merely a dream."

Nadia: "Let's hope it was the latter, then."

Shi Krem stands up, stretching out her sore muscles. She'd really pushed herself hard in the search for Nadia, and now that she's finally had time to slow down her body was protesting every movement. She rolls her shoulders. "Geez, I haven't been this sore since... a while."

Nadia: "Worse than the hibernation sickness?"

Shi Krem: "Mmmm, about equal, I'd say."

Nadia: "I'm sorry."

Shi Krem: "Hey, you have nothing to apologize for, I protect my companions."

Nadia: "If I had been more careful you wouldn't have need to come after me."

Shi Krem: "You can make up as many excuses as you want, but we would've come for you regardless of what happened."

Nadia: "Do you know how you managed to get there so quickly?"

Shi Krem: "Bill went a little... crazy with the hyperspace route. At least to the best of my understanding."

Nadia: "Huh... I'll have to ask him then."

Nadia gets up from the crate and stretches as well, easing them from her exercise and her forced bed rest while her leg healed.

Shi Krem: "Anyways, I'm glad to see you up and about. I want you to know that you can always come to me whenever you need anything."

Nadia nods in response. "Oh.. I think you'll know. At least if you're close by. I'm good at controlling it, but sometimes high emotions bleed through the link. that's formed between us."

Shi Krem: "Ah, yes I had noticed that, I was also able to borrow some of your knowledge of the force to manifest it in ways that normally elude me."

Nadia: "The link goes both ways." She cocks her head to the side /We could have an entire conversation and no one would know./

Shi Krem: "Huh, that's certainly useful, do you know the approximate range of it?"

Nadia: "Mom and I got it to work just over a kilometer, but our bond was a great deal stronger than ours."

"Though considering you found me across the galaxy maybe that's not the case."

Sunny: mfw nadia is secretly my daughter

Nadia shrugs. "Course, we were never in a situation to have to push the limits like that."

Shi Krem: "Thankfully."