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These are notes for Alicia

Star Wars Legends: Vong Wars
GM KTE "Master GM"
Era New Republic Era
Start Date 20 Feb, 2012; Restart 26 Sept 2015

[Mon Feb 20 20:27:42 2012] : Alicia: (whispering to GM) so I'm liking this BH angle... could be that to get to Pedric's character she takes on a job as being part of the crew to get close to him or something like that.
[Mon Feb 20 20:28:16 2012] : Master_GM: (GM Whisper:) That is a good way to go about it.
[Mon Feb 20 20:28:31 2012] : Master_GM: (GM Whisper:) He does use this crew in particular a lot.
[Mon Feb 20 20:28:52 2012] : Alicia [Artemis (recruiting)]: (whispering to GM) Pedric's character is the noble?
[Mon Feb 20 20:28:53 2012] : Mercy: Are you feeling sarcastic?
[Mon Feb 20 20:28:56 2012] : Mercy: ok
[Mon Feb 20 20:29:06 2012] : Master_GM: (GM Whisper:) Yes
[Mon Feb 20 20:30:09 2012] : Alicia [Artemis (recruiting)]: (whispering to GM) heh maybe some agrieved father wants Pedric to answer for what he's done
[Mon Feb 20 20:30:32 2012] : Master_GM: (GM Whisper:) Actually, his father is the one who is really wanted.
[Mon Feb 20 20:30:51 2012] : Alicia [Artemis (recruiting)]: (whispering to GM) ah, get to the father through the son sort of deal?
[Mon Feb 20 20:31:49 2012] : Master_GM: (GM Whisper:) What you would know about the bounty is that they are paying 120,000 credits for information on the whereabouts of his father or any of the father's family members. He was a Moff that screwed over a lot of powerful people to break free of the Empire with a lot of money.
[Mon Feb 20 20:33:21 2012] : Alicia [Artemis (recruiting)]: (whispering to GM) is there an increased sum for getting the father himself
[Mon Feb 20 20:33:51 2012] : Alicia [Artemis (recruiting)]: (whispering to GM) otherwise what's stopping Shi'tal from just turning in Pedric as soon as she tracks him
[Mon Feb 20 20:34:24 2012] : Alicia [Artemis (recruiting)]: (whispering to GM) just a thought
[Mon Feb 20 20:35:10 2012] : Master_GM: (GM Whisper:) There is an increased amount for getting to the father for sure.
[Mon Feb 20 20:35:24 2012] : Master_GM: (GM Whisper:) That is just for information or a family member.
[Mon Feb 20 20:37:29 2012] : Alicia [Artemis (recruiting)]: (whispering to GM) could be a reason.. either his father is affiliated with the captain who screwed her over or is THE guy
[Mon Feb 20 20:38:13 2012] : Master_GM: (GM Whisper:) That is interesting.
[Mon Feb 20 20:38:20 2012] : Master_GM: (GM Whisper:) I think it is comething to pursue.
[Mon Feb 20 20:38:24 2012] : Master_GM: (GM Whisper:) *something
[Mon Feb 20 20:38:28 2012] : Alicia [Artemis (recruiting)]: (whispering to GM) agreed
[Mon Feb 20 21:30:11 2012] : Alicia [Artemis (recruiting)]: (whispering to GM) so... how do we want to work the bounty angle with her personal reasons... might make more sense she's after his father specifically rather than a subservient of his
[Mon Feb 20 21:31:13 2012] : Master_GM: (GM Whisper:) Well, the thing is he is in hiding.
[Mon Feb 20 21:31:33 2012] : Master_GM: (GM Whisper:) And well hidden to. Changes his name the whole thing.
[Mon Feb 20 21:31:55 2012] : Master_GM: (GM Whisper:) We discussed Pedric getting drunk and letting out the secret.
[Mon Feb 20 21:33:05 2012] : Alicia [Artemis (recruiting)]: (whispering to GM) my thought was Pedric might use this mode of transportation a bit.. Shi'tal finds out about Pedric's connection and decides to infilatrate the vessel in the hope of catching up to him and in time his father
[Mon Feb 20 21:34:14 2012] : Master_GM: (GM Whisper:) That can work.
[Mon Feb 20 21:34:44 2012] : Alicia [Artemis (recruiting)]: (whispering to GM) what was the Moff's name? going to change the details in my BG
[Mon Feb 20 21:42:07 2012] : Master_GM: (GM Whisper:) Originally Adol Valton...
[Mon Feb 20 21:43:00 2012] : Master_GM: (GM Whisper:) You recently found out he is going by Castin Melvar.